2015 New Years MagicBand appears in NEW packaging!

Exciting news today as the 2015 New Years MagicBand has been released! Not only do I have a few pictures of the band, but there are also some really cool new details about this band and future ones to come.

First, the 2015 New Years band with Mickey is out, as predicted. Interestingly, it says “Walt Disney World” on the back of it. Is this a sign that MagicBands could be coming elsewhere in the future? Or maybe it’s just for branding only? Curious.

Second, the MagicBand is in the new packaging as shown in previous concept art here and here. This is exciting to see as you now get clear pictures of what the entire band looks like without having to take it out of the packaging.

Third, this band is being sold as Limited Release. This means the price point is $24.95, won’t be sold forever, and doesn’t make lights/sounds at FP+ and entry touchpoints. It might not even be in the parks all year, but there is no confirmation on that.

Forth, the back of the packaging lists a “B” letter inside of a MagicBand symbol. Previous bands has an “A”. I am unsure what these symbols mean, but I will have a post on this in the future. If you have any ideas, please post a comment below. But it is a curious change.

This can be found at Big Top Sourviers in Magic Kingdom and will soon be found at many other locations.

My family and I are on vacation in Seattle (home for the holidays visiting extended family) so unfortunately I won’t have high quality images until Jan. 7th, 2015, but I will post them immediately once I obtain this MagicBand. For now, these should do:




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  1. I just purchased this today. I have opened it and used it if you want pictures. I can give you them tomorrow. A sales clerk said the a to b was a packaging identification.

  2. The a and b and c is on a legend next to the MagicBand racks and seems to have to do with custom sounds or something, as the difference is waves next the the band in the icons. Its hard to describe and I don’t remember exactly what it looks like, I’ll take a picture when I am there next.

  3. DO you know what stores have this in stock. Long story short I am a CM and the merchandise link that says where it can be found is not accurate but I want to get my hands on this band ASAP

      • Just an FYI to all. I tried to find this at the Pin Trader store at Downtown Disney and at The Darkroom in Hollywood Studios. Neither have it yet. Neither even knew what I was talking about. I guess for now Big Top is the ONLY place to find it. Would love to hear if someone else sees it anywhere else.

        Much thanks!!!

        • You might want to try Mouse Gears in Epcot as well, I bet they have it. I will be back home on Jan 7th and will be going out to get all of the ones I missed on vacation and I’ll post here once I know where they all are. Hopefully I don’t have to go to multiple stores!

  4. I just got one from my godson. He bought it at a kiosk in Epcot. However, the cast member did not activate the band. So I am unable to link it to my account. Not happy right now. I called and was told unless he saved the receipt (which he didn’t), it can not be activated now.

  5. My trip isn’t until December. It sounds like I had better buy one of these now through Merchandise Guest Services. Is that right?

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