These are promotional images shown by Disney before MagicBands launched. Interestingly, the child/adult detachable strap was originally the same color as the band itself. Now they are gray, probably to make them more visible to guests that the strap is removable. 

MagicBands were originally also supposed to have purple as a color, and orange is also not shown in this picture (or is it yellow that is not shown… the color below is a mix). Purple is now available for purchase as of December 2015.


Here’s former Disney executive John Padgett with a purple MagicBand before it was released, who was an essential part of the MyMagic+ rollout for the company. The MagicBand looks like it may have been digitally added to his wrist for this promotional photo.


Disney has also shown pictures of customized MagicBands that have yet to be released. These look like something you’d be able to get at D-Tech on Demand. Disney now has MagicBand on Demand, which does allow names to be printed on bands, although they are not quite as customizable as what this picture shows:


Here is a promo shot of a kid wearing a Pirates of the Caribbean MagicBand that is unreleased. A different Pirates-themed band has made its way to the park though. See here.

unreleased-family unreleased-close-up

Disney also had some internal artwork of new packaging (which is now in use) along with a pink Aurora from Sleeping Beauty MagicBand (which you can now get from MagicBand on Demand). The Open Edition MagicBand shown in the picture below, with no graphics on the holes side and in this specific packaging, has never been released.

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Princess MagicBand

These two Buzz and Woody Toy Story MagicBands have never been released although official graphics exist for them. They differ slightly from the Buzz/Woody band currently for sale. The one on the left has additional clouds above Woody, and the one on the right is zoomed in and does not show Buzz’s legs. It’s unknown if either of these will eventually get released.

IMG_2337  IMG_0772

Disney Parks Blog post accidentally posted an On Demand design that was cancelled. A black and white version of a slightly different design was quickly put in it’s place after the mistake was discovered.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 4.15.25 PM

There is one graphic MagicBand 2 shown at the 2016 D23 Destination D event that was never released. In this picture on the right side, Grumpy is shown on a gray MagicBand 2. This was eventually released in black, but never gray.

This Alice MagicBand 2 shows in a zoomed picture and was never released with the graphic quite like this. As you can see, her arm goes over the Mickey head at the bottom, and the release graphic doesn’t do that.

These are some band and box designs for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train press event band that were never released. Prototypes of the white box and the band with the long train were produced in single digit quantities to test how it appeared on the band in person. Ultimately, the long train was scrapped as Disney didn’t feel as though the Mine Train logo was big enough. I am unsure why Disney decided not use the Mine Train box and used the Incredibles box instead. It could have had something to do with brand messaging being cohesive across the new MyMagic+ system at the time.