Where To Buy?

Where do you buy MagicBands, MagicBandits, and more? There are many online shopping stores available where you get any types of  MagicBands just doing the order. Here’s a full list of places so you can find what you’re looking for:

– Walt Disney World and Disney outlet stores in Florida

If you’re looking for a MagicBand that is currently for sale, this is the best place to get one. They have all of the solid colors, graphic MagicBands, MagicBandits, and more available throughout the resort for retail price. Unfortunately most people aren’t able to live near the resort to get the new ones right away, so here are so other options for you…

Shop Disney app

Disney Parks & Resorts now has a free mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you shop for most items in the Walt Disney World resort and have them shipped directly to your house. Most MagicBands and accessories are shippable, including some Limited Release and Limited Edition items.

– shopDisney.com

shopDisney.com currently sells solid color MagicBands and a number of graphic MagicBands, included some Limited.

– eBay

If you’re looking for rare or sold out MagicBands, eBay is where you want to go. You’ll find MagicBands that weren’t available to the public, many sold out Limited Editions, and some other rarities and hard to find items. You’ll be able to find Star Wars, Food & Wine, Frozen, and many other MagicBands there. Be prepared to pay a premium though.

Where do you buy displays and stands?


For MagicBand stands, try Amazon.com. They have a great selection of watch stands and displays that work perfectly for MagicBands.


– Michael’s

Michael’s craft supply store is the best place I’ve found for shadow boxes and shelves for MagicBand displays and boxes. Browse through their selection and I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you.



  1. i wasn’t able to go to the Star Wars weekend, but I’m going at the end of August 2015, are there any LE magicbands that I can purchase that light up?

    • They are not sold anywhere, even on the cruise. They are only given to children checked into the kids clubs on the cruise, and must be returned upon leaving the ship. I’m assuming you’re asking because you want one for exclusive ship-only Disney Infinity 3.0 content?

  2. We arrive late sept from the uk. Our 1st outing to disney will be MNSSHP our party of 7 would like to buy magic bands
    Where is the best place to buy them, with the biggest choice please?
    We are a broad range between age 9 and 40 so some would like princesses other starwars. We will have memory maker too so want to buy and link them as soon as we can 🙂

    • Try the Emporium at Magic Kingdom or Camera Center in Epcot. They have great selections. Star Wars may only be in Mickey’s of Hollywood in Hollywood Studios.

    • According to the Shop Disney Parks App, most of the currently available Open Edition Graphic MagicBands are sold at Mickey’s Gift Station located at Disney’s Ticket and Transportation Center.

      Love this new app. Will come in handy when i get to the resort in October.

    • Yes, they should have them at most stores that sell MagicBands, which is throughout the entire resort. It’s a yellow one. If you can’t find one, ask a Cast Member at the counter if they can look it up for you. You can also check the Shop Disney Parks mobile app and it will show you the locations where it’s available.

  3. Hi Ethan – about to get annual passes and love looking at all the previous bands! Curious if you know whether the Disney Outlet at Vineland Ave consistently carries Magic Bands? Possibly heading there tomorrow, would love to avoid driving into Disney Springs if possible. In need of something to wrap up for the kids to open on Christmas so they know they are getting passes!

  4. We are from the UK & visiting WDW in July, but staying off site. We have already purchased our tickets with Memory Maker so will need Magic Bands when we get there for in ride videos etc. There are some super Magic Bands through the Disney official website that can be purchased in advance, but they don’t offer international shipping. Do you know anyway round this to allow us to buy in advance? Many thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for the information on where to buy magicbands! I searched the Disney store online and when I was ready to order, over half of the colors were no longer in stock and they only offer free shipping on $75 or more. The Disney Parks app had all colors available and free shipping even if I only ordered one!! (even though I ordered several)

  6. Hi! (sorry for my english)
    im going to wdw in a april 16. Im stayng in a wdw hotel and id like to know haw to get a purple magic band. And anothe thing, do you know about the measure of the strap? bacause i dont wanna buy a bitbelt so id like to know if the tiny belt of my wirst watch will fit in it.
    hope you can help me
    thank you very much

    • You will need to buy it online if you want it before you arrive. Either the Shop Disney Parks app, Disney Store, or eBay. I am not sure about the length of the strap, I will let you know when I can measure one.

  7. Can you buy the (plain) solid colour bands everywhere that does the ones that has designs on them?

  8. We are staying off site. Will the purple ones be available at the parks? I noticed that at the Disney store online the only solid color one available is the purple one.

  9. Hi Ethan,

    Will the bands for sale on Ebay work or will they be used?

    What is the reasoning behind not shipping them internationally?

    • It depends on the seller on eBay. The band must be set to “Link It Later” on eBay… make sure you ask the seller if they are or not. “Deactivated” does NOT mean it can be linked. Make sure the eBay seller knows the difference.

      MagicBands cannot be shipped internationally from Disney for a number of reasons:

      First, Disney has not gone through the process of getting electronic approval for the devices beyond the USA (FCC) and Canada (IC). It’s an expensive and time consuming process that has no real value if the devices are only used in the USA. So they can’t ship to countries that haven’t been approved.

      Secondly, shipping internationally is very expensive. Disney saves a lot of money by waiting for folks from overseas to actually arrive in the USA before giving them bands. What if someone from Russia cancels their trip right before they are set to arrive? Or what if someone from China is denied entry into the USA by Customs? Then shipping those bands around the world would be a huge waste of money.

      I’m sure there are more reasons, but those are the main two.

  10. I was wondering if there is a store at Disney Springs that does customization magicbands. (With your name and any character you Choose)

  11. Do you know if the On Demand in Disney Springs has a phone number to call and ask if they have a certain design? – Sorry I posted this on another one of you comment section but now I can’t figure how to get back to it.

  12. Hi,

    I am planning on proposing to my girlfirend this September at WDW. I have seen the magic band proposal on this website and was wondering if you would be able to let me know how to purchase/create such a thing!

    Many thanks,


  13. I am going to DW in March, do you recommend buying Magic Bands in advance? We arrive late at night and plan to be at rope drop in the morning. How time consuming is buying the bands once there and linking them to everything?

  14. Is there any Disney Cruise Line Band available for purchase? I would like the Disney Cruise Line Band to play with Disney Infinity Games. Thank you

  15. Hi Ethan,
    I’m heading to WDW in about 3 weeks. There is a limited edition Epcot magic band being released 4 days before I get down there that I really want. Is there any way I can call and buy one from a store and have my resort hold it for me? Since there is only 3500 being made I feel like they will be gone by the time I get there. Any ideas?

    • There is an outlet in Orlando that sells the remaining stock of bands Disney is discontinuing or that haven’t sold out at the parks.

  16. Hi Ethan,

    Is there a way of checking the linked/unlinked status of a magicband without going through the linking process on MDE? Or is it safe to just enter the ID number on MDE to check it and NOT assign the band to particular person?

    Thanks in advance!

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