Disney MagicBandits go in the holes on the band strap as decorations.

These came our around January 22nd, 2017:

These starting appearing on shelves around late December 2016:

These starting appearing on shelves around mid-November 2016:

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These starting appearing on shelves around August 2016:

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These starting appearing on shelves around July 2016. From what I understand, these are at Aulani only, but I’m trying to get more details on that for sure:


These starting appearing on shelves around early March 2016:

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These were released late December 2015:

400009890730(1).1 400009906011(1).1

These were released around late November through early December, 2015:

400009948127(1).1 400009966596(1).1 400009919981(1).1

New MagicBandits sets have been released on November 12, 2015:

400009856149(1).1 400009856125(1).1 400009856132(1).1

Here’s a number of sets of MagicBandits that came out in mid-October 2015:

400009747140(1).1 400009747188(1).1 400009747164(1).1 400009798814(1).1400009747157(1).1400009799811(1).1400009303483(1).1

This new set appeared towards the end of September 2015 including the new Hollywood Studios park icon of The Hollywood Tower of Terror. It replaces an old set that contained the Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat:


At the end of August 2015 two new and updated sets appeared:

400009684735(1).1 400009684728(1).1

In late July 2015 Disney released some new Halloween themed MagicBandits:


In April 2015, these MagicBandits appeared at Disney World. The Star Wars sets are original sets that have new Star Wars themed packaging:

400009153804(1).1 400009153798(1).1 400009255591(1).1400008139137(1).1400008139144(1).1

These were released January 2015 (Haunted Mansion ones are glow in the dark!):

400009067590(1).1 400009067606(1).1 400009088779(1).1400008962797(1).1 400008962780(1).1 400008962773(1).1400008962766(1).1 400009115598(1).1

These were released Fall 2014:

400008753739(1).1 400008716871(1).1 400008954372(1).1

These Disney Cruise MagicBandits can only be purchased in the gift shops on a Disney Cruise.

400008123402.1 400008123419.1

The first released packs of these did not use the term MagicBandits. Here are the known released packs in no particular order.

400008278157.1 400008278164(1).1 400007390799.1 400008278140(1).1400007390782(1).1400007398740.1400007390829.1400007390805(1).1400007390812.1400008278102(1).1400007390775(1).1400008278119(1).1400007390836(1).1400007834538(1).1400007485501.1400008278171(1).1400008278133(1).1400007834545(1).1400007812482(1).1400007398733(1).1400008099530(1).1400008099547(1).1400008004930(1).1400008004947.1400007812499.1400008278126(1).1400007492479.1 s-l500