MagicBand 2 accessories that work with the center icon (some people call it a puck) have been spotted at Walt Disney World on February 7th, 2017. The picture below was taken at Epcot, as a few readers have e-mailed in and posted about them here on the site. These special accessories are called MagicKeepers, and let you use your MagicBand in ways other than having it strapped to your wrist. You can attach them to purse, stroller, watch or chain, wheelchair, or just put them in your bag for easy storage.

These do indeed appear to include a small screwdriver to use on your MagicBand 2. More accessories besides these will be making their way to the parks soon that are similar to these Mickey and Minnie versions shown below.

Around December 28th, 2017, new color choices were added to some of the MagicKeepers:

On April 9th, 2018 this new Compass themed MagicKeeper appeared:

On June 26th, 2015, a new MagicBand accessory was released called a MagicBand Keeper. These oversized stuffed accessories come in the form of either a Mickey hand or a Minnie bow, and are for sale for anyone who has disabilities, has a stroller or very small child, or for anyone who just plain doesn’t like to wear the bands on their wrists.

As you can see from the pictures below, the MagicBand connects around the Mickey head on the Keeper, like it would on someone’s wrist. There is a plastic retracting spring and a hook that connects to the Keeper on one end, and onto your stroller, purse, or wheelchair for the other end. This makes it easier for people to grab their MagicBand, touch the FP+ point, and let it snap back. Imagine a parent using this to touch the FP+ for their 2-year old child, and letting the Keeper hang from the side of the purse. Much more convenient than digging around trying to find bands.

The price of these is $14.95 and can be found throughout the Walt Disney World resort.

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