Valentine’s Day 2018 Limited Edition MagicBand available featuring Aladdin and Jasmine

The 2018 Valentine’s Day MagicBand is now out. It’s a Limited Edition 2400 and features Aladdin and Jasmine on a nice teal base band color and embossed glossy box. This is the third year Disney has done a Valentine’s Day band, and they are always some of the quickest bands to sell out and generally hold the higher values for collectors. These will slowly start to appear around Walt Disney World and should also be available in the Shop Disney Parks app soon. The cost is $32.99 and the barcode SKU of the band is 400020632456. These should make special effects at entry touch points throughout the resort.



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    • CC,

      I’d expect to see them on the app within the week. They normally show up a few days later. This is a great design, however, it shouldn’t sell out within at least the next few weeks at the very earliest if this turns out to be a big seller.

  1. These will be on the Disney shop website too right? Not just the app? Just checking – I’ve never bought one before but I LOVE this one and I’ll be in WDW for Valentine’s Day this year!

  2. I heard these were out out early, not supposed to be released yet, went to all 4 parks plus Disney Springs today and no one was selling them

  3. I got this yesterday and have tried it at two parks so far, but haven’t had any special lights or sounds yet. When something special happens I will mention it. Has anyone’s lit up with special sounds yet?

  4. I just got my daughter one from Epcot at the Mickey gear store. Went into MK and none of our LE MagicBand worked. It’s always hit or miss the LE MagicBands.

    • By worked I’m guessing you mean didn’t have special effects or sound? Give it a few days and if there are special effects with this band and I’m guessing there will be, it’ll work.

  5. I just went to Disney today to check and grab a couple for gifts. As of now Epcot does not have them anymore. There are only 2 parks that have them available. Animal Kingdom has very few scattered around. Hollywood Studios has less than 100 left at Celebrity 5 & 10 at the front of the park. Disney Pin Traders at Disney Springs also has less than 100 left. And there are about 500 left that are going to be dispersed around all the parks. They are going pretty quick like usual.

  6. They are finally on the Shop Disney website as of today Jan 15th 🙂 I’ve checked everyday since the 8th and this is the first time I’ve seen them.

  7. Any video footage of the special effect? I can only afford one limited edition band for my upcoming trip to WDW in February and trying to decide which one to get.

    • They are probably sold out already. I went two days ago and they only had 4 left in Epcot. Magic kingdom sold out and animal kingdom

  8. Was just at Magic Kingdom yesteryear basically all on site locations sold out within a few days as of now shop Disney is the only place to get them that may change but they doubt it with how fast they sold out within a few days on site

        • I’m sure hoping this isn’t true – Epcot was the park I was planning to skip in my upcoming trip 🙁 Have past LE magic bands only worked in certain parks? How strange!

          • Traditionally if an LE band is not park specific like the Valentine band it will only work at park entrance kiosks and at all four parks. LE Bands that are park specific like the Epcot bands or Magic Kingdom 45th bands they should work at the entrance and all FP kiosks of that specific park their theme represents.

    • Great question! A whole new world would be awesome. I have not heard or seen a video yet. However, as soon as one pops up, I’m sure Ethan will post it right away.

  9. Hi! I just received mine in the mail today and I’m curious to know what limited 2,400 means? Does that mean that there are only 2,400? Seems like an awfully low number of bands to produce for all of Disney. I can’t wait to see what it does as my next Disney trip is next week for my sons birthday! 🙂

    • Hi Cindy!

      You are correct 2,400 is the edition size. All Limited Edition (LE) bands have a specific quantity that is produced. Once they are gone, they are gone. That is why some LE bands become very rare and command a much higher price.

      Limited Release (LR) bands are made during a specific timeframe and Disney will make more if the need is there. Open Edition (OE) bands are pretty much always sold and are not for a specific timeframe.

      Hope that helps to clarify a little. I also hope your son has a happy birthday!

  10. It was available online earlier in the week. It’s currently sold out now. I’m also curious to know the what the special and sound effects. This will be my first band and first LE band! We’ll be taking my daughter for her birthday in 2 weeks. Does anyone know if this will be available again? Should I just wait to try to get it at the park? Any thoughts?

    • Hello Shi,

      Happy early birthday to your daughter! That’s great, a trip to Disney for her birthday. Very cool!

      Yes, there should be special effects and sounds with this band. Chances are it will only work at all four park entrances, however, not at fastpass kiosks.

      Unfortunately, once LE bands sell out, that’s it. LE bands have a specific number made and in this case it was 2,400. The only way to buy one now is on eBay. You’re also going to pay a premium on eBay, due to it being sold out. Valentine’s Day bands are some of the fastest selling LE bands. The bands this year sold out in about 2 weeks.

      • Thanks for the quick response!

        Oh nooooo….why oh why did I not buy it last week!?!

        Hopefully we shall find something else that we like just as much!

    • If it is sold out online, and I have heard it is sold out in the parks, then they will not be restocked. They only made a run of 2400. Now that they have sold out, that is it. They will not re-release them.

  11. There’s a chance they haven’t actually released the full 2,400 bands yet, by the way, and may be holding half the lot or more to release closer to Valentine’s Day.

    During the Epcot 35th Anniversary, people were losing their minds when cast members were reporting the 35th Anniversary 3,500 and 5,000 edition bands as sold out on the first day.

    I knew there was no way that many bands could have sold that fast, but cast members guaranteed they did. Sure enough, though, they unloaded the remaining thousands of both a week or two later, and have only just recently begun to sell out of the 3,500, and the 5,000 edition is still in plentiful supply.

    I think there’s a good chance more will pop up closer to the actual holiday it’s themed around, which honestly makes a lot of sense to me.

    • Mike,

      You bring up some valid points. My only concern is that the only bands that have had these issues with being released were the 3 Epcot 35th anniversary bands. I personally think it has to do with something specific at Epcot, as this has never happened at another park or with other bands. Also the 3 Epcot bands were not dropped down to the very bottom of the shop Parks App, like all other bands when they sold out. They just stayed up top or disappeared. The Valentine’s band has dropped to the bottom. Also the 3 Epcot bands were allegedly sold out in 1-3 days which obviously was not the case. The Valentine’s band took about 2 weeks to sell out. While that is quite fast, with the amazing theme of this years band, I’m not too surprised. But I could absolutely be wrong… it’ll be interesting too see!

      • I’m pretty sure this also happened with the MK 45th Railroad (and maybe others – Tiki Room?) bands.

        I initially thought I missed out on the Railroad, but kept an eye on the app, and it ultimately cycled in and out of available/only in store/sold out at least once, as I did buy one. I’m pretty sire this was also an “OMG it’s sold out already?!” situation within the first few days (or at least it went to “in park only” within a few days).

        Reviewing that post, the announcement here was on July 21, and the app was saying in store only on 7/23.

        Myself and a few others were able to order vi the app around 7/27-28. I then noted it showed up way later briefly on September 18th, and at least one poster here bought one on line around October 1st.

        I realize this is not an apples to apples comparison due to Valentines bands being more popular as noted above(though the number made was similar – 2500 for Railroad), but the point is, don’t give up if you want one, keep checking the app! The status can change!

  12. I’m assuming since we don’t have a video yet that this band doesn’t make any special sounds. 🙁 that makes me a little sad.

  13. Has anyone tried this band for a Magic Carpets of Aladdin fastpass?

    I was only able to try it out at 2 theme park entrances before I left, and was never able to see the effect.

      • I unfortunately didn’t think about it when we went. We won’t be going back for some time. I wasn’t even sure it was going to do anything at all so I wasn’t prepared for it.

    • I got the same thing. I was at all of the parks from 2/13 to 2/15, and the only time I ever got the effect was at the Epcot entrance. I tried to take a video but it came out pretty poorly and you can’t hear the effect sound at all. The light effect is white with pink lights going across (I think it’s supposed to represent hearts). Ethan I’ll send you the video I have, but it’s not super representative.

      • Yeah I used it over the last 6-7 days at MK twice (including once on Valentine’s Day), and once each at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. No special effects at all. I’m super bummed.

  14. Used it to enter EPCOT on Valentine’s Day, International Gateway Entrance, and indeed there were lights affects, but due to the volume being turned down, we were not able to hear any effects.

  15. I’ve had the same disappointment with my and my girlfriend’s Coco Magic Bands. We’ve used them multiple times at multiple entrances and have never seen or heard any special lights or sounds.

    On the flip side, our Flower and Garden 2017 bands now make noise at the Epcot entrances AND fastpass touch points.

    It’s all so confusing…

  16. Any luck on it working at any other parks besides Epcot? I was really hoping to find a limited edition magic band that has cool effects for all four parks (which is why I bought it). I already have the Frozen Fever one for Epcot. Does anyone have any recommendations for any or do they usually just do stuff at one park?

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