New Limited Release and Open Edition MagicBands announced along with colored MagicKeepers

Today on the Disney Parks Blog, Erika Jarvis, Product Manager for MagicBands, shared some new details about upcoming MagicBand products with us. The first is a new Limited Release MagicBand for the Expedition Everest ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. The cost will be $27.99 and it should be available on January 15th. The barcode SKU of this item is 400020630797.


The next band announced was a new Open Edition white band featuring the 101 Dalmatians and their black spots (released in honor of the theatrical movie in 1961). This band is $22.99 and will come out on January 22nd. It’s the first MagicBand to feature Pongo and Perdita from the movie. The barcode SKU of this item is 400020594891.


Finally, Erika also let us know about the recently release MagicKeepers and their new colors. I quietly updated the site last week in the MagicKeepers section with these new options: blue, pink and purple.

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  1. Where can you purchase the Expedition Everest MagicBand? It doesn’t show it available on the ShopParks app or on

    • Hi Lindsay!

      I’d imagine these will only be for sale in AK. Normally park themed bands are only sold in that specific park. Possibly Pintraders in DS might, but that is just a guess.

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