Mickey’s Birthdayland YesterEars MagicBand released on ShopDisney

A new YesterEars Limited Release MagicBand on a white base is now available for sale at ShopDisney.com (formerly known at the Disney Store). This new MagicBand in the YesterEars line is a throwback to the late 1980’s when Mickey Mouse had his 60th birthday. A new temporary land was opened in the Magic Kingdom called Mickey’s Birthdayland and it was only there for a few short years. It’s very neat that Disney has made a band for this shortly lived, often forgotten part of Walt Disney World’s past.

This MagicBand is only available for this week only until January 25th, 2018, so get your orders in today! The price is $27.99 (not including shipping+tax) and the barcode SKU of this item is 400020726926.


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    • Hi Molly,

      Yes, this is a series. There have been a few yesteryears bands that have already come out (themed 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Big thunder mountain, house of magic, and now this one). Each has only been available to purchase for one week.

  1. Has anyone had their Order cancelled for these bands? I had a friend of mine that was told they over sold the bands by 2000. I did get mine when they first went on sale and have not had an email or anything.

    • Jamie,

      Over sold by 2,000 seems like a major stretch, considering they are only available for one week. By 200 maybe. But that also confuses me as they don’t make them until after they have all been ordered. That’s why it takes 4-6 weeks to get.

      On other bands of this type I have heard of orders being canceled on people that ordered at the end of the one week period. If you ordered at the very beginning I’m sure you’re fine. That’s why I always order these on the first day just to be safe.

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