New Magic Kingdom 45th Limited Edition MagicBand features Railroad

The latest Limited Edition MagicBand in the Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary line features the Walt Disney World Railroad, which is available starting today. The band is on a black base color and is limited to 2500. It’s in the same design style as previous bands, will most likely make special effects at Magic Kingdom touch points, and costs $32.99. The band is available in the Walt Disney World resort and online on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app and website. The barcode SKU for this isΒ 400020411730.


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      • I know this response is going a little off track based on the original question the post I’m responding to was answering, but Jesse’s list made me think about other questions below in terms of whether this is the last one or if more are coming.

        My “wondering” is if they are maybe going to try to hit all the basic (and possibly newer since black isn’t a stand alone band color , I don’t think) colors to have one of each represented in the series.

        If so, I wonder if we can expect a Pink, Grey, and Orange before Oct 1st? Also maybe other “new colors”, though I’ll admit I don’t know all of them – but saw a reference to brown below.

        Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  1. Picked one up today at the park, looks great! Finally something that gets my SW 40th anniversary MagicBand off my wrist!

    • Took mine to the park entrance twice yesterday and it didn’t make any special sounds or lights. Hoping it was just a fluke but was dissappointed.

      • My Dumbo band did the same thing for about a week. It would show up on the website as a normal red band. I deactivated some of my bands so that I only have about 7 active. After about a week it started working fine. Not sure if it was just a small hiccup or if I had too many bands active, but just some ideas for ya.

        • Oh and btw, these 45th anny bands usually only work (lights and sounds) at the ride FP+ points, not the entrance. Though, other bands, like the Easter band or Movie bands do their thing at the entrance points. They all kind of have their “special” zones.

  2. I’m seriously hoping it’s just temporary, but the app now says “In Store Purchase Only”. πŸ™ Could they really be selling that many of these in only 3 days?

    I would hope they have at least a few of the 2500 still available on line. Last night I seem to recall it said it was totally sold out (so this is better, but still doesn’t help me), so hoping it’s a temporary problem.

    I know I shouldn’t waste time and should order something limited like this right away, but I didn’t know about it until yesterday. Was figuring the next one would be out around the turn of the month like several previous ones were, so this surprised me.

    I guess I should have opened with: I’m a train nut, so I love this band! Hope I will be able to order one. πŸ˜‰

  3. Any idea If Peter Pan is coming down the pipes?! I need a magicband with him but they took away the on demand design due to it having printing errors

  4. I am thinking that “Country Bear Jamboree” might be next in a brown design or “Tomorrowland Speedway” in an orange design. If there is a completer band like some of the pins it would be cool if they went retro and released a band for an extinct attraction, i.e. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage” or “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” or “The Skyway”.

    • I noted the same, placed my order as well, thanks for posting!

      I do note all the store locations in the app now show “low quantity”. It does seem popular for only about a week since announcement!

  5. Does anyone know if Disney is entertaining the idea of allowing guests to start reassigning some of these LE bands to others? I’ve got a growing collection, and with bands already costing up to $48 at retail, I can see myself wanting to pass some of mine along at some point. Right now I consider my 45th Anniversary bands with sound effects as keepers, but I’m not gonna lie, when I see the Haunted Mansion band already fetching over $100 on eBay, the thought of wanting to sell at some point has already crossed my mind. As the special sounds and lights are attached to the center icon’s RFID code, I don’t see where too many people would be interested in the wristband, itself, which would make passing it on to someone else difficult without being able to reassign its ID code.

  6. I was wondering if the Limited Editions are numbered somewhere. We just bought this 45th anniversary magic band and can not find the actual number. TIA

  7. Same here. Picked up mine on a trip this past weekend during the pin event and could not get it to do anything special at the touch points around the MK. πŸ™

  8. I guess this ended up being the last one for the 45th? Over a month since it was released, and less than a month to go until the 45th celebrations come to a close on the 46th anniversary.

    I’m going to make sure I deactivate most of my older bands before trying to use this in a few weeks, hopefully it will do some effects at MK.

  9. I find myself wondering if they may do something similar for Epcot this year for the 35th.

    Not sure what a good theme would be though. I realize what a lot of people who visited Epcot when it opened would consider classic attractions no longer exist. Maybe one for each of the countries that existed as pavilions on opening day? (though I’m not sure what type of effects might make most sense for each)

    I guess if they do go this route we will know within a month or so! πŸ™‚

  10. If anyone was still seeking the Train 45th MB2, I just noticed it was now showing available for on-line ordering again via the Disney Shopping app.

    I noted the same for the Tiki Room one if anyone had been looking for that one.

    Hopefully this can help someone who was not having luck before.

  11. I tried mine 2 or 3 times recently at MK (park entry and I think 2 FP+). It might have been a bit of “ding ding” of a train bell, but I could not say for sure if it was different than the generic FP+ sound (also a ding, I think, right??). I was also trying to see if my Tiki Room band did it’s effects, and I did observe them the two times I used it.

    • If the light was green, it was the normal effect. If the light changed to a different color, then it was a customized effect for that specific band. Did you see that happen for the railroad band?

      • In my notes, I wrote down that it might be some sort of small mixing of green with white, but I can’t say for sure. (might have been sort of like one of the Christmas Party bands does with mixing red/green/white, but without the red) I was only in MK one day for this trip and as I mentioned, I also was trying to see if the Tiki Band effects worked (which they did – they obviously are very prominent and noticeable when they are turned on! πŸ˜‰ ).

        I added a few “past my 3” FP+ on things we normally wouldn’t need them for (IASW, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Teacups) for my experiments, but I both ran out of time (It was a MNSSHP night) and also ran out of steam after getting soaked on one of my last rides due to rain, so I called it a day at MK.

        In hindsight, I should have tried to record it for further review at Philharmagic, as there were literally no people in the FP+ line, but unfortunately I didn’t think of that until after the fact (I also may have subconsciously not done it due to not wanting to drag out the camera in the rain).

        Hopefully someone else catches one doing it’s thing on camera someday.

  12. Just got back from our trip. I had the railroad magic band and a friend had the tiki room band.

    The tiki band worked at all of the FP+ terminals we used in MK. My railroad band didn’t do anything special at the FP+ terminals nor the main entrance.

    On October 2nd, I was able to pick up the Epcot 35th anniversary band. I linked it immediately, but it didn’t do anything special. We went back to Epcot two days later and I got the special effects at both the entrances and FP+ terminals, so this was a nice treat after being disappointed by the railroad band.

  13. I have a video of mine from Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend, but it’s really hard to tell if it makes a different sound. The light just appears to be the normal green. My husband’s Tiki Room band works all the time at the FP+ in MK. I will see if we can clean up the sound on the video at all. I am so bummed that it’s not really noticeable, if it does anything at all. This was our second trip using it, and I still can’t tell a distinct sound.

  14. It has only worked the one time today. It just keeps showing white. I will keep trying, and we will be back at MK on Sunday.

  15. Yes! Success! My band finally did it’s special sound and lights. I didn’t get a video yet but will try. It lights up white and makes the whistle sound.

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