Take a look at some new MagicBands coming in March 2018

Erika Jarvis, Project Manager for MagicBands at Disney, announced today on the Disney Parks Blog a number of new bands making their debut in March 2018.

First, coming March 5th in a two-week sale at ShopDisney.com only, is a purple and white MagicBand inspired by the “Purple Wall” at the Magic Kingdom in the Tomorrowland Terrace area. This MagicBand contains an all new light purple color on the icon (top Mickey head area) part of the band. I have confirmed from Erika via a comment on the blog that this band is a Limited Release, and the price is most likely going to cost $27.99, but prices are subject to change. The SKU is 400020795465. This is yet another new color for MagicBands that Disney has created, and hopefully we’ll see more bands with this color in the future.


Next up is a new gray Star Wars band featuring icons from throughout the franchise. This Limited Release band will most likely run a price of $27.99. You’ll find it online on March 12th, and in the parks on March 16th.

The final announcement was for a new brown Limited Edition Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary MagicBand. This is the first time the new brown color is being used on a Limited Edition band. There will be 2000 of these made and they’ll cost you $32.99 each (price subject to change). They’ll be at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park starting March 21st.

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  1. Ethan, wouldn’t the Purple Wall band make the second publicly released MagicBand containing a puck that is a different color than the main body color of the band? The first being the “I Am Mickey” MagicBand which had the yellow puck on a primarily red band.

  2. Do you think the Animal Kingdom band will be on sale online or on Shop Disney? I am going to be at AK on the anniversary in April, so I am a little bummed this is coming out a month early.

    • Not initially. I bet they will sell out before it has a chance to appear online, but you never know. My guess is that they will be available for AT LEAST a few weeks on Animal Kingdom. Just a guess though.

  3. Headed to Animal Kingdom bright and early for the 7am Passholder early opening to get my hands on this awesome animal kingdom magicband!

  4. I didn’t know this band was a pass holder exclusive. 🙁 I had to have my friend get it for me.

    The sound was bugs chirping (at the Dinosaur FP touch point).

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