Disney announced three Limited Edition MagicBands for Flower & Garden, including AP band

Disney has announced three new Limited Edition MagicBands all for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival this year, its 25th anniversary. For the first time ever, Disney is releasing three LE bands for a single festival, and they are all fantastic with some interested special twists.

Steven Miller, Communications Manager for the Disney Parks Blog, has more details:

When the Festival kicks off on February 28, we are releasing two limited-edition retail MagicBands. The Mickey Mouse-themed one has an edition size of 2,000 and is packaged in an orange-scented box. The Passholder Exclusive MagicBand also has an edition size of 2,000 and complements other Figment products created for the event.

One additional MagicBand will be released at a future date during the Festival. Packaged in a box that smells like flowers, the Minnie Mouse-inspired item has an edition size of 1,000.

The Minnie band being released on a later date is interesting, and may coincide with the new Minnie Annual Passholder magnets giveaway starting on April 9th. We’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out more details from Disney on when the actual release date is. From what Steven Miller said on a comment on the Disney Parks Blog, the prices for all three bands are still $32.99 each. The barcode SKU for the Mickey band is 400020750242, for Figment is 400020750259, and for Minnie is 400020750266.

The low edition amounts, especially the LE 1000 Minnie, make me very happy, as they keep the bands in the more exclusive and rare territory for collectors. They also give Disney a fighting chance of selling all of these bands out, which they’ve struggled with in the past for Flower & Garden festivals. I know many people are also very happy about getting more Annual Passholder exclusive bands. I’m also curious to see if all three of these bands will make special effects at the Epcot touch points during the festival this year. Overall though, this is an exciting announcement.



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    • Unlikely. There are already more than a dozen up on eBay in 7 auctions. People are buying these up and reselling. Unfortunately, Passholders, like myself, will be unable to purchase these unless they are in the park TODAY!!!! All 2000 of each of the 3 patterns will be gone before the park closes today, guaranteed!

      • I feel like they should be releasing these in batches if they only sell them in the Parks and not on the apps. Just so those of us going later can get to have some too! Oh well, there’s always eBay for now. Still crossing my fingers for an app appearance.

        • As much as the “instant linking” (forgetting the proper term) to an MDE account used to be a PITA, this (eBay scalping) is the unfortunate side effect of removing that “feature”, I guess.

          I’m personally not committed to needing one of these yet, but I won’t be going until probably early May, so I doubt there is much of a chance any of the three will still be available if I did decide I wanted one. (unless the Minnie one is released around then – on first glance, my first preference would be the one with Mickey picking an Orange though)

  1. If these bands are (unfortunately) not going to be sold online, is there any way I could get them? I’d hate to miss out since we will be going to the festival towards the end. 🙁

  2. That’s good news that even though the boxes are scented, they will still be $32.99 and not $39.99 like last year’s MNSSHP magicband.

  3. Woke up at 7 am today to get to the park at opening for the Passholder and Flower and Garden band. This site has now given me a new hobby!!!

    • Can confirm. There have been a lot of apparently shortages today on merchandise. Everything from the Passholder burlap bags to Magic Bands to the Passholder mugs.

      In my time at the park, nothing was actually totally out of stock. It was in stock, just at a different location. Be sure to look around!

      • Mousegears said Monday, the two other locations were still selling tonight, so I don’t know who said it was “pulled” as that’s not accurate. Sources say today was release and Mousegear manager was in error to not release. I’ll follow up internally tomorrow to determine the facts. Regardless, it’s out today and more than a few have been sold.

        • Ok thanks for the info. There is a huge thread about it on Facebook where people have talked to multiple managers and so on. Who knows what is right at this point. It doesn’t really matter at this point because it’s nearly Monday. ?

  4. I wish I could go to the park tomorrow morning and get the Minnie band but I’m blocked out till next week and don’t know what to do ??

  5. The Minnie band is on eBay, multiple sellers. One seller shows 48 already sold. How was this one person allowed to buy close to 50 limited release magic bands, just to turn around and jack up the price on ebay?

    • Interesting. Must have been early in the day. Was there from 5pm until close on the 7th and all locations were sold out. Congrats.

  6. Has anyone had any issues with the special effects for the Mickey band? I have used my band about 15 times and have never seen the effect. I know it’s surprise & delight but I haven’t seen the effect once.

      • I bought the Mickey and Pluto one and it didn’t work so I brought it back to mousegears to exchange it and the second one didn’t work either ?

        Now they’re sold out and I have an expensive magicband that doesn’t do anything

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