Enter my massive MagicBand giveaway!

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Congrats to Kevin Payton for winning! I’ll be contacting you shortly. Thanks for entering everyone. 


I love my readers, the MagicBand collecting community, and making people happy, so today I’m happy to announce an awesome MASSIVE MagicBand giveaway. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide, of any age, and you can enter up to three times. I will select one person at random on April 2nd, 2018 as the winner and will then update this post once it’s been announced so you know I’ve selected someone. The retail value of this package is over $240 and all bands are linkable!

Here’s what’s included (see picture as well):

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally (Red, Open Edition)
  • 101 Dalmatians (White, Open Edition)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie (Black, Glow-in-the-Dark, Open Edition)
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid (Blue, Open Edition)
  • The Lion King (Orange, Open Edition)
  • Walt Disney with Tinker Bell (Purple, Limited Release)
  • Luke Skywalker from The Last Jedi (Blue, Limited Release)
  • 2017 Mickey (Blue, Limited Release)
  • 2018 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Mickey with box (Green, Limited Edition)

Here’s how to enter (one entry per social media type):

  • Facebook – Go to my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/magicbandcollectors/, LIKE the page itself, LIKE the post about this contest, COMMENT on the post (tagging your friends), AND SHARE the post (you must do all four to have one entry).  Visit https://quantummarketer.com/best-twitch-viewer-bots/ for the best twitch viewer bots.
  • Twitter – Go find the Tweet about this content at https://twitter.com/DisMagicBands, FOLLOW ME on Twitter, LIKE the Tweet and RETWEET the Tweet (you must do all three for one entry).
  • Instagram – Go to my Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/magicbandcollectors/, FOLLOW ME on Instagram, LIKE the post about the contest, AND COMMENT on the post (you must do all three for one entry).
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Creator of MagicBand Collectors (which is owned by EA Partners, LLC), it is my goal to catalog and archive the entire history of the Disney MagicBand. I don't work for Disney nor am I associated with them in any way, besides being a mega-fan and living 5 minutes from Walt Disney World. You can contact me at eapartnersllc@icloud.com.


  1. Blocked from Facebook for 28 days but with do the others till then. Really would love to win my partner and I get magic bands based on your page.

  2. Would love to enter your contest…have been following your website since you started it . I don’t do social media…not my thing …any way someone could enter without social media accounts ?

  3. Hi Ethan, I love your page since I found it. I would love to enter the contest, but I don’t have a social media account. Is there another way to enter?(I could pin your giveaway on Pinterest for example)

  4. I’m so excited to be able to enter into your giveaway!

    I’ve been an avid fan of your site, greatly admire your collection and have been reading it religiously while we were living in Florida. I used to keep a tab open to this site and refresh everyday to see if new Limited Editions were out! Thank you so much for sharing your collection with us, and showing us all the different light-up and sound effects.

    We’ve somewhat recently moved out of Florida and I (the biggest Disney fan of the family) have been feeling the need to recharge on some “Disney magic”, so I’ve been going through all my favorite Disney bloggers, vloggers — and here I come across this post! In the nick of time, too.

    Here’s one for hoping, but I’m happy to have stopped by to say hi and show my support and appreciation.

    Happy Easter!

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