Disney hints that more new MagicBand colors could be on the way

Just last week Disney announced a number of new MagicBands coming in March 2018 on the Disney Parks Blog. In the blog post were a number of questions and comments from readers about the new bands, but one has stood out and provides some potential insight into what may be coming. Here’s a direct quote:

Erika, really enjoying these new designs and color options for the MagicBand (one word). Glad to see your work being published and looking forward to order magical options coming from the MagicBand team. – 

  • Hi Mark! Thanks for the positive comment, we have loved being able to connect with fans of the MagicBand and look forward to showcasing even more fun new designs and colors in the future! – 

Just as a refresher, Erika Jarvis is the Project Manager for MagicBands at Disney. Here she is directly hinting about the possibility of “more … colors in the future”. For now, just take this news as a possibility and not a given, but it’s still awesome to think more colors could be on the way!

Question for my readers: Which color MagicBands would you like to see in the future? Leave a comment below.


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  1. I think the MagicBand designers are missing the boat by not cashing in on the rose gold craze. I believe a rose gold MagicBand would be immensly popular.

    • I’m pretty sure the Millenial Pink color they just released is to compliment Rose Gold products. It’s probably the best color match they could get.

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