Rumor: Disney Weddings to give out special MagicBands to brides and grooms

A new rumor has surfaced from a credible source who told me that Disney is in the exploratory phase of possibly giving away special graphic MagicBands to brides and grooms who get married through Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons division. Disney already gives away some special items to couples married through Disney, such as branded tchotchkes, so it only makes sense that they’d make some special MagicBands as well. Disney has also done speciality items on request, for extra money, or for Cast Members, such as this special MagicBand wedding box (which is unrelated to the Disney Weddings division). Personally, I think it’s a fantastic idea and I hope Disney does this.

I don’t have much more info than that on this rumor, other than I’ve heard it’s been talked about for a little while now. If I find out more details, such as if this is going to actually happen, when it will happen, and what they will look like, I’ll let you know right away of course!


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  1. Hi! Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings does not give couples the Mickey ear hats as a perk of their wedding packages, nor is that MagicBand box something they can make for anyone. (It was custom made by the groom and his fellow cast members). The only gifts they’ve ever given as part of the packages were his-and-hers watches, a perk they’ve since discontinued. Now they give couples an assortment of inexpensive DFTW-branded odds and ends, like collar stays and a shoe bag. I would not be surprised if these MagicBands were in the works, though—it’s kind of a no-brainer.

  2. Thank you for linking to my article! Just a couple corrections … the Magic Bands box shown in my article was custom made and is not available to purchase, and is not given away by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. Also, DFTW gives their couples a nice surprise gift, but they do not give bride and groom ears to couples for free. They are available to purchase at the resorts or online. 🙂

      • Hi Ethan!
        (Just an update for you)
        We were actually married at the Wedding Pavilion last week. They don’t unfortunately as of yet give special MagicBands. They do in fact give annual passes to the bride and groom with the Escape Collection and Wishes Collection along with smaller gifts as the reader above stated.

        • Thanks for the update! Last I heard the MagicBands were still in the development/idea phase so I have no idea when they will actually be available.

  3. Hi! My friend actually got a set of the wedding bands for her upcoming wedding! I raced over here to see if there was any info and this is the only article. I’d say the rumor is looking good.

    • The magic bands came into effect I. January in place of the annual passes… I signed my contract in December so I got the annual passes and not the magic bands…. No question I’m happy I signed when I did… The passes are worth about $1600, the magic bands about $60

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