An official list of MagicBands as seen in Cast Member system

When a Cast Member looks up a MagicBand within Disney’s official internal computer system, there are a number of details that appear. Some details include the color of the MagicBand, who is belongs to, and other tidbits of info useful to CM’s who need it. One piece of information that I have found interesting is that most graphic MagicBands also list an official name.

Thanks to a special source, I’ve been able to obtain the full list (as I currently know it) of all of the MagicBand names within the internal Disney system. There is no actual use to this information, but more of just a curiosity. Since this is the single most informative website on graphic MagicBands, I thought it would be another piece to add to keep things interesting.

I will be updating this list as time goes on. I’ll put it in the Extras section of this site.



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  1. When I was having trouble with my Haunted Mansion magic band the CM told me it was showing on her iPad as HauntedMan. We thought that was pretty funny.

  2. Ethan – do you have a FB page I could follow? Also with your list above… Do you have corresponding pictures? It would help me inventory my bands!

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