New Rogue One Limited Edition 2000 MagicBand 2 coming Dec 16

Today the Disney Parks Blog announced the first retail MagicBand 2, and it will be a Limited Edition size of 2000 to celebrate the release of Rogue One (the new Star Wars movie) in theaters. This band will be released on Opening Day December 16th, 2016 and features Director Krennic, one of the main villains of the movie. If history is our guide here, this should make special effects at certain touch points. The price is $32.99 and should be available in all four theme parks as well as in Disney Springs at the Star Wars Galactic Outpost.

Here’s a quick first look at this new band:



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  1. I was hoping they would come out with one around the launch of the movie. Can’t wait!!

    I think most of the Hollywood Studios magicbands have a good track record when it comes to special effects which is good.

  2. Steven Miller on the Disney Parks Blog posted in the comment that the price will be $32.99. Heres the comment:

    “The retail MagicBand 2 will be $32.99 and it will be released on December 16. As for other retail MagicBand 2 designs … stay tuned.”

  3. Not sure where to post this question, but looking at this and thinking about the lights and sounds aspect of magic bands …
    Will it be the band or the puck that will trigger the lights/sounds in the future? I.E. once i have a “puck” I was assuming I would keep it and I could just interchange the bands. But if the band doesn’t hold the chip that triggers the specials and it’s in the puck in stead, then i would have to swap in the whole thing, defeating at least some of why I thought they wanted to make the pucks to begins with …
    Any ideas/thoughts? Hopefully that’s not too rambling and makes sense.

    • the puck is what generates the lights and sounds. one of the main reasons that magic band 2 was created was so that you wouldnt have to wear it as a band you can place it on your waist as well.

      • Understood. I thought I read that the sheer numbers of live RFIDs that the system needed to “know” was causing them performance issues, so they also wanted people to reuse the pucks to reduce that number.

  4. Had an effect at Epcot entrance last night (19th). Single red light went around in a circle. Couldn’t hear the sound effects tho, it was too loud. This was with the Krennic band

  5. Used it today at the Magic Kingdom, same red circling light that others have reported, however it also has the death star alarm noise from the Rouge One trailer.

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