Moana Limited Edition 2400 MagicBand released

A new MagicBand featuring Moana, which I posted about nearly a month ago, is finally available for sale starting tomorrow, November 23rd, 2016 in Walt Disney World (and on most likely on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app as well). The band is Limited Edition 2400, comes in a special box, and most likely makes special effects at some park entry touch points. Once I get a video of the effects, I will post them on the website. This is possibility the final original MagicBand style to be released (although it’s possible there could be a handful of others) before MagicBand 2 is widely available. The cost for this band is $32.99 and the SKU / barcode is 400000721330.

Steve Miller of the Disney Parks Blog tells us where we can find this new band tomorrow:

The retail MagicBand will be released in locations at the four Disney Theme Parks in Florida (try the larger merchandise locations first such as Emporium in Magic Kingdom Park or Mouse Gear at Epcot). You may also find it via the Shop Disney Parks app and the Disney Parks online store.


400000721330-1 400000721330-7

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  1. Can you confirm whether the production version of the Moana band matches the pictures above? The picture appears to show the original angry version of Hei Hei the chicken, instead of the hilarious and rather more dimwitted and googly-eyed version that actually ended up in the movie.

    • Yes the band still does have that “angry” chicken. If you don’t mind my asking, how do you know that the image shown on the band is different than the one in the movie? Is this confirmed by Disney Animation? Or does it just look different from the movie for you? Curious to know more if you have details.

      • Thanks for the info! Here’s an article ( that talks about how Hei Hei almost didn’t appear in the movie at all because he wasn’t working with the story in his original angry version. You can really see the difference in the image at the top of the article (the final googly-eyed version) and the one a couple pictures down, an earlier one from D23 (grumpy chicken!). Besides the eyes, I don’t think the version from the final film ever took such an aggressive pose as the one on the band art. I think they must have made the change pretty late in the game – I’ve noticed several other toys and things with the angry version, that must have already been in production before they changed the film. 🙂

        • Oh, and blue feet on the earlier version, vs. yellow feet on the final. And if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it! 🙂

  2. Today at the Magic Kingdom my Moana magic band turned green and the mickey head (not the circle) flashed yellow and white. Didn’t notice an audio thing though. Will check again later

  3. Looking to purchase a Moana magic band. Know they were limited edition, and now only finding for purchase through Amazon & eBay for double original price. Does anyone know if they are available for purchase in parks?

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