PICTURES: Major new redesigned MagicBands available soon!

Major new redesigned MagicBands, as seen from the FCC post I did earlier this year, are coming to Walt Disney World starting today! The first guests to ever receive them will be the Wilderness Explorer VIP ticket attendees to D23’s Destination D: Amazing Adventures event being held at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, as I just posted about earlier today. Disney is officially calling this redesign the MagicBand 2. Starting tomorrow, all guests at the event will get these MagicBands.



These new redesigned bands feature a puck in the middle that will allow guests to swap the tappable part out with any band, allowing for mismatching of colors, new cheaper straps, and more! The back has screws, which will help the puck be child proof. You can see a picture below showing this. Also, as you can see from one of the pictures below, there is keychain accessory that will be coming out as well, adding a ton of new convenience.

It looks like Disney will continue making different colors, graphics, and Limited Edition straps and designs. I was worried when I first heard about this new redesign that Limited Editions in boxes would be going away, but it looks like they are here to stay if the Destination D band is an indictor. But it may be that the actual graphic straps no longer show up on the My Disney Experience website when you type in your puck ID on the back. I hope to find out by the end of today whether this is true or not and will update this story.

Another huge question: What will become of the MagicBand On Demand stations in Walt Disney World? Will they be retrofitted to print on the new straps? And will costs come down?

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Notice the keychain and clip-on accessories:


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As you can see, the back of the band features tiny screws that allows you to take the puck out and pop it into different straps. The screws make it so that the puck is child proof.


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  1. Thanks for the update. We won’t be back in the kingdom for a few more years and our current magic bands will likely be dead by then so it is interesting to see that we can still get special edition bands…wonder if they will have a whole in the middle so you can insert your own puck, but then the limited would not have special effects if they always read the puck and not the band. Anyway thanks for the info.

  2. Will the old bands not work anymore? We just bought all new custom magic bands last week for our two upcoming 2017 trips. Did I just lose all that money?

  3. When are these going to be made available to everyone staying on Disney property? I am going on a trip Feb 2017 and am wondering if we will get the old or the new band style?

  4. Nice design. Maybe the design of its original strap will still show in the app even if you remove it. That could be how future LE bands will work hopefully ☺.

    Looking forward to seeing them in person.

  5. Are these new bands constructed of the same material as the original ones? Are they rubber/latex free? Just curious if they are safe for those with latex allergies.

      • Crud. This means that I won’t be able to wear a MagicBand. I wonder what Disney plans to do to accommodate people with nickel allergies? The option to carry one on a keychain is great except 1) That’s extra money that I would be forced to pay because of an allergy, and 2) Not all of my clothing has pockets or belt loops to attach it to. Woman’s clothing is notorious for failing to include pockets/loops a lot of the time.

          • Unfortunately, I don’t have an old style! February 2017 will be my first ever trip to Disney World, so now I’m a little bummed. 🙁

          • Oh no! Well, come February I bet they still have plenty of old styles left for sale… it’s going to take a while for MagicBand 2 to really take off.

          • Yeah… It just stinks that I’ll be forced to spend extra money for a replacement. I told have been perfectly happy with a purple MagicBand!

            Wish me luck!

        • Tiny screws can be masked by clear or colored nail polish. When you need to change the puck a few drops of polish remover solves that…
          Just reapply the polish occasionlly as it will wear off after several wearings.

        • Could you cover the screws with something like duct tape/ electrical tape or seal it with nail polish or caulking? Or better yet, replace them? What is your actual allergy? If it’s nickel you could replace them with nickel- free stainless steel or titanium (which I’m sure you know). Hope you can find a solution so you can still use a magicband. 🙂

    • I was wondering the same exact thing! I guess I will have to go with the key chain rather than wearing on my wrist since they have any metal on them at all, even the smallest of screws.

  6. Do we know if they will be supplied with the screw driver to remove the screws to get to the puck? Or will we need to bring our own or buy them separately due to their size.

    I have to say I am looking forward to getting the new version when I go in September. I lost my old magic band at the airport security this year.

  7. I have an upcoming trip (dec 18th) my bands are on the way; do you think they will be the new bands? If not, do you think I can change them once I arrive?

  8. will the old covers be able to be used on the new magic band 2 versions? i bought custom covers and then received magic band 2 in mail so will i still be able to use the old covers?

  9. still has all the old ones listed. Just ordered 8 magic bands in varying solid colors. Will they actually send the new ones you think? Also, I’m assuming they will “size down” for a small child…?

  10. We are going in June and staying off-site. I want to buy magic bands but I’ve noticed that some of the solid colors of the magic band 1 are already sold out. Any idea when they will be selling the new magic band 2 on

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