New MagicBand Packaging review and opinion

A few weeks back I wrote an article about why Disney needed to change their MagicBand packaging, and that they needed to do it quickly. Since that time, Disney has indeed come out with new packaging in use on two Limited Edition bands: the 2015 Sorcerer Mickey and the runDisney bands.

After viewing the packaging in person and purchasing one, I have now formed a final opinion on whether this new design is good or bad. Note that my opinion has changed since I last wrote my article based on previous concept art.

Before I get to my bullet points, here’s a quick look at the actual packaging:






Here’s what’s good about the new packaging:

  • The graphic design is front and center.
  • The full band is clear all of the way around, so guests can see the full graphic design.
  • The packaging is much less complex.
  • Packaging now includes a pricing sticker on the back, so customers can identify a band’s price and whether it’s a normal band, graphic band, or Limited Release band.
  • Perforation is present on the back top of the packaging and easy to see, allowing for easy opening.
  • Limited Release stickers are still put on the front.

And here’s what’s bad:

  • Linking the MagicBands upon purchase is not easier, despite the Mickey head sticking out clearly from the back. It seems Disney didn’t even test this properly. The current modified iPhones that Disney Cast Members use for linking are bulky and push up against the package. One CM I dealt with had to bend my packaging in order to get it to link with the iPhone. And some bands (as seen in the picture above) have a very visible gap between the plastic and the Mickey head circle, making things even more difficult.
  • The MagicBand ID is slightly visible without needing to open the package, if you look very closely. There is a tiny percentage that someone could take the ID and try to link it to their account (after it’s been purchased by someone else in Link-It Later form), but if it’s already linked to an account this isn’t really a security risk. I put this as a minor issue and probably barely worth mentioning.
  • Minor complaint: Stackability on shelving is impossible. This means the only way to display these is by hanging. This is a downside for collectors like myself.
  • Minor complaint: Once the package is opened, it cannot be closed or put back together. This is a downside for collectors like myself.

Disney has done a great job with the redesign of the packaging from a visibility standpoint. The graphics will now be easily viewable for customers, and they will now be able to quickly and easily see what the price is on the MagicBand they are buying. But Disney still needs to solve the MagicBand linking problem, as I honestly don’t feel this packaging design works any better than the old box design (in some ways, it’s worse). I think Disney needs to focus on a redesign of their modified iPhones for linking, rather than on MagicBand packaging itself at this point.

Overall though, I do feel this is a step in the right direction with MagicBand packaging.

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