Older MagicBands to eventually come in new packaging style

An interesting picture appeared on a Disney Parks Blog post about upcoming MagicBands recently. The picture was of a MagicBand that is already released (in this case the Disney Princesses band) in new style packaging, or what I am calling “Version 2” style. What’s intriguing is that this is a real image, and not computer generated graphics:


Currently the Disney Princesses MagicBand is only being sold in the old “Version 1” style box:

princess_3 princess_4

What this indicated to me is that once the old style boxes are all sold, all MagicBands, even older ones that originally came in the box, will be replaced with the new packaging style. My guess is that this will only apply to current Open Edition bands, and not Limited Releases in box packaging. This could take a while based on how many bands are still in the old boxes, but watch for the packaging to completely switch over sometime in 2015.

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