runDisney MagicBand: Sold Out? (plus some high quality pictures)

The runDisney 2015 Marathon Weekend MagicBand has sold out, according to one of our Facebook visitors. She said that by the time she arrived around Noon on Jan. 8th to make the purchase, they were gone. A Cast Member she spoke with said they only made 1000 of them. There was no limit to how many one person could buy, as far as I am aware.

Also, there is some new information about these bands:

  • Came in the version 2 packaging with Limited Release sticker and B pricing sticker.
  • All bands were set to Link-It Later, in order to speed up checkout. CM’s did not need to activate any of the MagicBands; they were set that way ahead of time.
  • All packaging came attached with a MagicBand instruction booklet in English (see pictures below).
  • Was available to the public at the runDisney Marathon Weekend in the Jostens Center (not the HP Field House as previously reported) at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Was in the runDisney Official Merchandise area, and you could grab one of these while waiting in line to check-out.

Here’s some high quality pictures of the band in its unopened packaging:





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  1. The bandd haven’t sold out. I was able to get by there today and asked where they were. I was told where they were sold but they were all sold out. I went down to check and see if they were indeed sold out and they still had a ton left. Unless then ran out sometime later on today.

  2. Sorry for my typos. I shouldn’t post from my phone.

    It should read:

    The bands haven’t sold out.

    I was told where they were sold but was also told they were all sold out.

    Unless they ran out.

    • Thank you Jared. I was told by someone else on Facebook that they had sold out. This was 9 hours ago…. so around Noon on Jan. 8th. If you were there after that time, please let me know.

  3. I was there at pretty much the same time and there were a ton left on the table by checkout. They were difficult to find at first as no one knew where they were, then once I found the space I didn’t realize they were only by the register… People kept telling me along the way they didn’t think anymore were left (although no one knew, at first, where they were even sold) but this couldn’t have been further from the truth once I finally saw the table.

    all in all the event seemed very unorganized.

    • Thanks Jared. They must have sold out quickly after that, because I now have word from multiple people that they are indeed gone. Thanks for the information, it’s a huge help!

  4. When will these runDisney Magic Bands become available? I got to the expo on January 8, 2015 and was told they were sold out already. So if that is the case when will more be available? Will they be at the Disney Princess Half Marathon Expo in February 2015?

    • They are completely sold out. I am unaware of when or if they plan to sell another runDisney MagicBand again. The one you’re referring to was Limited Release and rumors are that they only made 1000 of them.

      I do know that there are a few unopened ones on eBay right now selling between $50-$100. As they sell, I’m sure the prices will go up from there as they become more rare.

      If they plan to make more or make new ones and sell them at future runDisney events, I will make a post about it right away.

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