What do the A and B stickers mean on the back of MagicBand boxes?

Have you seen the A and B stickers on the back of MagicBand boxes lately? What do they mean? Well we are finally getting some details.


Originally when I saw the A sticker I was confused. After asking around, nobody knew what they meant, not even Cast Members or my normal sources, so guesses and theories started to take shape. Did the A stand for Adult size? Or maybe it meant that the band had an Active chip in it? After all, MagicBands have both active and passive chips in them. But finally, thanks to some comments on this site by visitors recently, and from a reliable source, we have the answer.

The symbols are used to help consumers identify MagicBand types and prices by comparing them on the packaging to the pricing legend on the MagicBand display wall. The MagicBand logo without a letter is $12.95 (solid color), the A is $19.95 (graphic band), and the B is $24.95 (Limited Release). Limited Edition bands that sell for $29.95 are not listed on the pricing card, and most likely will still be sold behind the counter. The Limited Edition bands are the only ones that make lights/sounds at the FP+ and entry points. Who knows if these will have a C on the box in the future or not (my guess is no).

There is currently a price card in some locations that shows what the letters mean and what the prices are. This is similar to how pins have color coding. Here’s a few pictures:

legend prices

Prices are no longer printed on the SKU sticker on the MagicBand boxes. This will allow Disney to update prices by swapping out the pricing legend rather than updating the SKU stickers on every box. Smart move by Disney here.

Here is what the pricing legend looks like for Disney pins, just to give you an idea of how Disney has done this previously:


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  1. Can you purchase a band without activating yet? And do you know if there are any plans to sell the limited addition and/or graphic bands on the disney store website?

  2. Just a quick note we were at MK last night and there are still 2015 New Years Mickey, Christmas Party aka Very Merry bands and some of the other limiteds like Big Hero Six, Olaf which was also limited with numbers and Haunted Mansion available at Emporium. VM was a limited release of only 5k bands which means that plan backfired and Olaf I think was 7k listed on the box. Very nice bands though.

    • Olaf is actually 4k. I am not sure if the plan “backfired” but I do think they make too many of the LE bands. I would prefer to see LE bands be numbered to 2500 each. Thanks for the update!

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