2015 Annual Passholder MagicBand Slider is out and green

The new 2015 Annual Passholder MagicBand Slider (known as a MagicSlider officially) is now being sent to Walt Disney World passholders. Guests who renew or purchase their passes in 2015 will receive one when they order their free AP MagicBands from the My Disney Experience website (the slider will come in the same box as the bands). They look identical to the 2014 version, but it’s green instead of blue, and of course has this year on it.

Thanks to @Attractions (Orlando Attractions Magazine Twitter account) for the picture.


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  1. We’re going to buy the AP voucher so that we are able to make advance FP+….anyone know if they send the MB/Slider when you buy the voucher, or not until you activate it?

  2. We just bought out AP’s for the first time and have the vouchers. We received our magic bands today and did not receive one.

      • This is the 3rd set of MagicBands we’ve received in as many years, and have yet to receive an AP slider. We’ve been AP holders since the 90’s. Is there something special we need to do? I would think that since we registered our APs in MDE, went in and chose our band colors, etc, they would realize that we are AP holders! LOL

  3. I recieved our AP magic band & no sliders. I took the box apart & still nothing. I also did not get discount cards.

  4. Thanks. The slider was hidden inside the box that the MB is nestled in. Would have never thought to look inside there. I wonder how many of these get thrown away.

  5. I ordered my annual pass and recieved my exchange certificate today. we have an up coming trip to Disney in February, will I receive my slider when we receive our magic bands? I made the reservations after I bought the annual pass.

  6. Was wondering, purchased my AP last month ( September). But declined the magic band, I have so many. How can I get a AP 2015 Slider.

    Thanks, Nancy

  7. I have just renewed my passholder card,good until 12/2/2016. I would like a new passholder band. My address is xxxxxx. Pink or blue. Thanks

  8. So… It seems like there is a lot of confusion regarding the AP magic bands… I picked up my magic band at the park entrance and did not receive the slider, so easmt even aware of it… I plan on ordering one for my daughter but not sure what the process is. How do I get one via Internet site with the passholder box?

  9. Did anyone not receive their discount card with their annual passes so far this year? I renewed and picked a purple band, received the orange pass holder slider, but did not receive the pass holder card…. is this the new normal?

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