New and renewing Annual Passholders will be shipped the new MagicBand 2 started today

According to an official e-mail sent to Cast Members today at Walt Disney World, new and renewing Annual Passholders who have the option to get a free MagicBand will be shipped the new MagicBand 2 style starting today. Passholders will be able to select their band color and enter a personalized name via the My Disney Experience website as usual. As of 11am EST this morning, the website graphics still show the original MagicBand image when placing an order, but I have been told that the site simply hasn’t been updated yet with the MagicBand 2 graphics. When this changes, I will update this post.

Because the website still shows the old band style, please be cautious about placing your order just yet. I am awaiting confirmation from people who have actually received a MagicBand 2 before I place my personal order for myself.

UPDATE: The official Walt Disney World Twitter account has confirmed:

Expect to see solid color MagicBand 2’s appearing pretty much everywhere very soon as passholders start to get their orders in.

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  1. Seeing as the Magic Band 2 is fatter/bigger/wider, are there any plans to design a new ‘Passholder’ plastic bling along with the magic band, as the old one for the original magic band won’t fit the new one?

      • Just answered my own question. My new 2017 Magic Band arrived today. Really, the only diiference is that the Magic Band is wider where the Mickey symbol is to make room for the detachable piece.

        The rest of the Magic Band is exactly the same shape as the original Magic Bands, so my Passholder slider was able to slide on PERFECTLY!!!

  2. I upgraded from a regular ticket to an annual pass December 24, will I get my magic band 2 in the mail? Should I look out for an email?

    • First, you will have had to use your AP at least once. If you have used it, then a MagicBand order will be available for you to customize on the My Disney Experience website.

  3. I became an AP holder January 2017. When I received my band it stated that pass holder slides where out of stock and I should receive one within the next month or 2. It’s almost June and I haven’t received it yet, any idea of the hold up or what I should do to get mine? My 2 children who got AP bands in Feb and April also didn’t receive sliders, or car magnets?

  4. I booked a Disney vacation hotel and I also upgraded my California pass to the premier. On my Disney experience it looks like I get 2 magic bands. One for hotel and other for Passholder. Does this seem right?

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