It’s a Small World LE 2500 MagicBand 2 now available in the Magic Kingdom

The new It’s a Small World LE 2500 MagicBand 2 I mentioned earlier today is now available. Special thanks to a post by Blog Mickey alerting me of this. I was able to pick my band up at the Magic Kingdom in the Box Office Gifts store inside of the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA. The band costs $32.99 and the SKU / barcode of this is 400020015327. The band is the first publicly purchasable MagicBand 2 band is Limited Edition 2500.

The band does make special effects and touch points in the Magic Kingdom with purple colors appearing. Here’s a video, but unfortunately we can’t hear the sounds hardly at all here. Hopefully a better video pops up soon:

This band may have been put out for sale early by accident, as only a handful were available (maybe less than 10) and the Link It Later ability wasn’t working with them. You had to link them to your account upon purchase. Hopefully this isn’t the case when more are made available. The band doesn’t have a graphic for it on the My Disney Experience website yet and I’ve heard from an unconfirmed source that these were possibly supposed to not be put out for sale until early January.



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  1. So the ICON is marked with the LE and number, not the strap? Interesting…

    Does the icon’s color match the standard band colors at all?

  2. I think you just got lucky. I ran to 5 different stores in magic kingdom, 4 of the stores told me they haven’t heard of the magic band. However, the cast member at Box Office Gifts told me she sold 2 of them, I’m guessing to you, but didn’t have any more. On my last attempt at the Frontier land trading post, someone, a non-cast member, told me they have been pulled and were supposed to come out early January.

    • I only got one. I know of at least 4 other people who also got one. I don’t think there were more than 6-10 available. Early January?? Wow someone put these out early!!

      • UPDATE: So today I went to Hollywood Studios. While there I saw a few other articles about how others have purchased the iasw magic band. I decided to ask the cast member in the dark room if they had the magic band. She told me they are now available but only at magic kingdom for now. I guess they updated their systems overnight. Anyway, this is a really weird release.

  3. I ordered one through the Disney Store Website as of 3:45 eastern. Hopefully they are still available and the order actually ships.

  4. Got a pop up message on my phone this morning from the Shop Parks app, that they have arrived…

    Does this signal a shift? that all LE magic bands will be in the Shop Parks app immediately, as well as in the parks themselves? That would be cool!

  5. Any way you would want to sell your its a small world magic band. Im trying to hunt one down for my mom, im taking her to disney for her 50th birthday and it would make her world! THanks.

  6. I just purchased one for my upcoming trip late Spring. I just stumbled upon an article I hadn’t seen b4 about the battery life on magic bands. I hadn’t even considered battery life when purchasing and was just excited at the thought of It’s a Small World tune greeting me upon entering. Have there been reports of these no longer fuctioning. Would it be OK if I activated and brought along my new magic band in case I am denied entry due to it not functioning.
    Thank you for your thoughts

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