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  1. Wow these are cool! I can’t wait for my vacation in June! Do u perhaps know what the next limited edition band will be? I really want to get my hands on one for my mother and I.

  2. Any chance of finding these outside of Hollywood Studios, like Downtown Disney perhaps? I’ll be down for the 24-hour event (any word on a magic band design for that??) and would love to pick one up for my husband but its a short trip with a friend and we’re just hitting MK.

    • I think these will only be at Hollywood Studios but there is no harm in checking anyway. They just came out so they may sell them elsewhere soon.

  3. Any idea on how long these will last? I’ve been dying for a stormtrooper band since the Vader/Yoda ones came out but I won’t be back at DHS till the 20th. I’m desperately hoping they’ll still be there when I go!

    • They are Open Edition so I assume they will continue to have them through Star Wars Weekends. But we’ll see, they are selling fast!

  4. We just went to Star wars weekends the past weekend and my girlfriend bought one of these. I purchased the Darth Vader one last year, and that one has a “1 of 2500” stamp on it. These do not.

    Since it’s not a Star Wars Weekends item, I’m wondering since these don’t have that LE stamp of the number made, is it something they will plan on making more of in the future? Are they just capitalizing on people impulse purchasing it for now?

    These seems fishy.

    Side note – The Darth Vader one make his breathing sounds come out of the band scanning posts (only at the Studios though) and turns the ring red. To this day it still freaks out the employees.

    • Ryan, the Luke and Stormtrooper bands you are referring to (the ones in this post) are what is called “Open Edition”. That means they will keep making them over and over, with a potentially unlimited shelf life. They don’t make lights and sounds, and they aren’t special or limited in any way other than they have a graphic on them.

      The Darth Vader band you are referring to is a Limited Edition band from Star Wars Weekends 2014. They have come out with new ones for Star Wars Weekends 2015 that do make lights and sounds and are limited to 2500 each. They are the Jedi Mickey and Jedi Donald bands. Browse around my site and you’ll see lots of information on the difference between all of the bands.

      It’s not fishy, it’s just a way for Disney to sell Star Wars bands that aren’t limited edition to any specific event. Open Edition bands sell for $10 less than Limited Editions do ($19.95 vs $29.95 respectively).

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