Pluto and Goofy Signature MagicBands now at the Magic Kingdom

The Goofy and Pluto Signature MagicBands are now out and available for purchase in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. I was able to find them and purchase them at the Emporium on Main Street USA. Cost is $19.95 each and these are Open Edition. The only Signature MagicBand still left to be released is Donald Duck.

One interesting thing to note is the the Goofy signature is not the one used in the theme parks when the meet-and-greet characters sign autographs for guests. The same was true for the Minnie MagicBand. Why did Disney do this? Was it a mistake where one part of the company wasn’t shaking hands with another part? Word has it that part of the Entertainment division of Walt Disney World isn’t very happy with the signatures on these bands because of the mismatch.

Here’s some great high quality pictures.


goofy_1 goofy_2


pluto_1 pluto_2

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