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  1. I got this band and on a 14 day stay at WDW I hit the front entrance of the parks over two dozen times and never had it cause any reaction. Took it to the Resort, nothing they did made any change. Took it to the Ticket Center at the park entrances, nothing they did worked. They added every conceivable option to MyDisneyExperience, my day tickets, my annual passes, my Tables in Wonderland, Credit Card, no combination of any change on the band had any effect on it.

    *shrugs* – junk. But I still like the look of it. My prediction is that out of 100 random people, 50 would not pay the extra price to own the band even with it’s advertised gimmick perks. Of the 50 people that WOULD buy it, they will end up pissing half of them off with a bad experience leaving only a 25 “potential customer” as future target buyers. To garner that $35-$45 dollar price tag (when compared to the standard and Limited Release bands) they really need that “gimmick” payload to pay off and work as advertised imo.

    You say that you heard the Entry Point Chime only happens randomly, imo it should happen every time. The “average joe” buys one of these things for a seven day stay, and by statistical odds can have the chime never go off, or go off only once, was this band worth it to that person?

    • I agree with you that it should work 100% of the time, don’t get my wrong. Personally I have never had a special MagicBand not work for me, so maybe you got a bad one? For it to never work for you at all in multiple places sounds really odd.

      But more importantly about your statement saying “with itโ€™s advertised gimmick perks”… I want to make sure it’s clear that Disney does not advertise this band, or pretty much any band, as having any gimmick or perk at the touch points. They simply say this band is “Limited Edition” to 2500 and that’s it. In fact, the ONLY band Disney has ever advertised special lights/sounds for has been the Awaken Summer MagicBand that was recently released. You’ll notice on the box that it doesn’t advertise any lights/sounds at all. So what you see on this website is what me and some of my readers have reported as what we’ve seen.

      The reason I say that the feature “happens randomly” is because that is what I’ve heard Cast Members say to certain guests who complain about it not working 100% of the time. It may be why they don’t advertise the special lights/sounds… so when they don’t work they can just say it’s “random”.

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