Dooney & Bourke MagicBands to go on sale July 23rd at Disney Springs release party

It looks like the new Dooney & Bourke Limited Edition MagicBands that were recently announced now have a release date: July 23rd, 2016. According to the Disney Parks Blog, they will be put out for sale during a release party at Cherry Tree Lane inside the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs. In addition to having the first opportunity to purchase the new MagicBands and the handbags, guests can meet Ian Ray, Creative Director for Dooney & Bourke. Ray will be at Cherry Tree Lane from 10:30 am to 12:30pm.

It’s unknown if these MagicBands will make any special effects at touch points throughout Walt Disney World. Some of these come on a new exclusive white base band, come in a special gatefold box with exclusive MagicSliders, are limited to 1500 each, and have a very high price of $48 each.


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  1. Here is how they responded to one of the comments on if they will make any special effects…

    “You are correct – there are certain MagicBands that have a surprise and delight effect at select touchpoints throughout Walt Disney World Resort. You’ll have to wait and see whether you’ll be surprised if these do! :)”

    • Surprise!! They don’t. Lol. Can you imagine. I wonder what sound would be paired up with these bands. Purses and wallets don’t really make a sound that is recognizable Unless…”cha-Ching” sound is made for us buying them. 🙂

  2. Haha!! Hearing that sound would be great. If they don’t make special effects at those prices let’s just say we won’t be happy,

  3. I called Disney asking about purchasing the new Dooney and Bourke magic band Saturday morning. Unfortunately, they will not be available for purchase over the phone. I was told the only way to purchase one is at Cherry Tree Lane in Disney Springs. Bummer!!! Have you heard anything different?

    • Not sure, but I was there this morning and there was a huge line at 8am. Got out of the store around 10:30 and the line seemed longer. Lucky to say I got a full set but I think they may be sold out by noon. Seen some on ebay for $85. Really nice bands, art work covering the whole band.

  4. @ Christy, Did a CM tell you that, from which dept.? I called today and spoke with the Shop Parks CM and they said they will be released there in 2 weeks? Plus, the blog said,
    “@Nicole – The Dooney & Bourke MagicBands will be released via the Shop Disney Parks app. Look for them at a later date in July.
    Steven Miller on June 27, 2016 at 2:39 pm”

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