A new red Christmas tree MagicBand is coming soon

A new Christmas tree themed MagicBand in a red base color is coming soon! The band features cartoon versions of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald with a Christmas tree in the background. The band will be a Limited Release for $27.99. This is a different band than the blue one being released for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party next month. Once I have more details on this new band I’ll post them here.


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  1. This is VERY exciting. I had no idea that they made limited edition ‘party’ magic bands that have special interactions with checkpoints and FP + points.

    Had I know this, I would have picked up an exclusive MNSSHP Magic Band when I was at the Magic Kingdom at the end of September.

    A Few Questions (if you don’t mind):

    1) For the ‘Not So Scary’ and ‘Very Merry’ events, are those exclusive magic bands ONLY sold in the parks and NOT in the Disney Shop Parks app?

    2) Are the lights and sounds consistent throughout the park or do they make different sounds and lights depending on what checkpoint or FP + point your at?

    3) Will they still create the same effect at the following year’s festivities?

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