CONFIRMED: A Limited Edition MagicBand will be coming to the 2016 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

I can now confirm that there will be a MagicBand sold exclusively for the 2016 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It will be on a blue band and based on the design below for this year’s party. The band will be Limited Edition and will feature Mickey, Minnie, and the Christmas tree on one side of the band. It could make special effects at all touch points within the Magic Kingdom if history is our guide here. I am not yet sure what is on the other side yet or how limited the band will be.

That is all I know at this time and I will post more details as they come in.


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  1. YAY! VMCP is one of my fave Disney events, and a special MagicBand just adds to the fun! I hope we get good lights and sounds.

  2. I hope there is a few left by the time I go to the very merry Christmas party. I rushed right to get my Halloween exclusive this year as all the Ebay people were buying 10 at a time to put them up for double the price. They ran out of the 45th bands on Oct 1st but I managed to go the following weekend and they had restocked, wheh!

  3. I have seen images of the Magic Band and Box
    It is on a blue band with a tree on one side as you said and the box is the image you posted on a light blue background.

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