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Creator of MagicBand Collectors (which is owned by EA Partners, LLC), it is my goal to catalog and archive the entire history of the Disney MagicBand. I don't work for Disney nor am I associated with them in any way, besides being a mega-fan and living 5 minutes from Walt Disney World. You can contact me at eapartnersllc@icloud.com.


  1. I have not had any special effects on the fastpass touch points. I assume it will do something fancy on park entry…as I just purchased and linked inside the park…disappointed that in park just the normal green ring.

    • ok so this is very interesting…. approx after 4pm today my band started displaying a golden colour for the rest of the evening on my fastpasses (approx 4) ….so not sure if that was a fluke or if the effect is time sensitive. So at least i got some satisfaction not to see the ‘normal’ green light effect!

      Ethan not sure you want to keep my comment under this section or in sounds section for the band but feel free to locate where you please.

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