Video of the FP+ touchpoint with Santa Olaf MagicBand

Here it is folks, video of the Santa Olaf MagicBand (Limited Edition). The FastPass+ touchpoint turns alternating white and Olaf says “My own personal flurry!”

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  1. Guess what? They sell these at MK now. I just picked mine up at the Big Top and it worked on Little Mermaid. I wonder if this means the existing limited magic bands will now work at other parks as well?

      • We asked cast members and none if them knew it would work at other parks; they all thought it was DHS only. It has worked on every ride so far (Ariel, small world, Aladdin, speedway, buzz lightyear). Ours looks identical to the one you posted; no limited edition number in the inside. We’ll be at EPCOT Saturday so we’re going to try all of our limited bands there (Olaf summer, olaf winter, not so scary party). We’ll let you know if they work over there.

  2. Love the site, and this is my first comment, but I visit daily! Does anyone know if the Santa Olaf does NOT always work, even at Hollywood Studios? I got mine the day it came out, but I had to leave the park and get somewhere else prior to using it. I went yesterday, finally, and it only did the normal generic green light with sound. The cast member herself noticed and had me try it again. She then said try it at the secondary point, and if it does not work, head to guest services. It did not work there, either. I went to guest services, and while the cast member was exceptionally polite, she had no idea what I was talking about and made a bunch of phone calls and came back with this information: it does NOT work all the time and it’s ‘Christmas magic’ is like a ‘gift’ and random. Um… okay. My Vader, Yoda, Chillin’ Olaf, and Not So Scary (soon to get the Christmas one!) all work every single time, but so far, my Santa Olaf has done nothing. She did advise me that if I wanted, I could exchange it, and if it does not work the next time, I suppose I’ll do so.

    But has it done this for anyone else? Did I get a bad one and they brushed me off? It seems there are still a bunch left, but I don’t want to try to exchange it if it is, in fact, ‘supposed’ to do what it’s doing.

    Thanks for any info!

    • Hi thanks for visiting! My son has a Darth Vader one that didn’t work one day at the Great Movie Ride, but then we went to Star Tours and it worked just fine. Honestly, it does seem hit-and-miss sometimes. It could just be a glitch in the system where maybe it can’t look up the band type fast enough (because of a slow network connection or something) and then just defaults to the standard green Mickey.

      I would try again later if you can (if you are a local) but if you still have trouble day after day, I would try to exchange it… although that may be difficult to do because there are no returns/exchanges allowed for graphic bands. The best thing for you to do would be to say it’s “defective” and not working at most FP+ touchpoints and see if they can get you a new one.

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