First images of the Santa Olaf MagicBand are here!

First, some interesting things to note today about this new MagicBand:

  • Limited Edition 4000, not the 5000 we have seen before.
  • The inside of the band does not list the edition size like previous bands, and simply states “Limited Edition”.
  • At certain FP+ touchpoints in Walt Disney World, the light turns alternating white and Olaf says “My own personal flurry”. Here’s the video.




IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0203 IMG_0201 IMG_0204

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    • Just like the other limited bands. Since I haven’t tested at all FP+ touchpoints, I can’t promise that they work at every single one. I do know that it works at both Star Tours and The Great Movie Ride for sure.

  1. See my other comment on your video post. I happened to be at MK tonight and they were selling these bands at Big Top. We bought ours and then headed to The Little Mermaid ride where it worked.

    • There is no way to get them from home, but these won’t be sold out by your arrival date. These will be for sale past Christmas in my opinion. They still have the Olaf LE 5000 “In Summer” ones available.

  2. Ethan could you start a trading forum or post?

    I recently purchased at MK the Christmas olaf and then ordered the other Olaf “chillin” band online and was sent the Christmas one. I’m desperately looking for the first Olaf band that sings in summer!!!!

    • You might still be able to get “In Summer” at Hollywood Studios. I know they still had a handful left last month. I’ll consider a forum for members in 2015, thanks for the suggestion!

      • They must have rediscovered a box of the Summer Fun bands. They are selling them at the shop at the front of Hollywood Studios. Also, They are selling the Santa Olaf at all four parks now. Tested it out at Epcot yesterday, and as of yet, no special lights or effects.

  3. Do you think there are any of these left? I know it is way past the start dateof them going on sale. We are going the 21st of this month and i want a limited edition band but the one for Epcot seems a little girly for me.

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