Video of the FP+ touchpoint with a 2014 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party MagicBand

I’ve finally gotten a chance to head to the parks to try out a FastPass+ with my new 2014 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party MagicBand…. and I recorded video of it! The sounds and colors are amazing with this one. Check it out in my YouTube video here:

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  1. I’m at disney right now trying to get my not so scary halloween magic band to light up like this video, and I just can’t make it happen. Is there somewhere specific to make it work? It won’t do it for my Fastpasses when I get on the ride. Please let me know if I’m missing somwthing.

    • It will only work on FP+ at the Magic Kingdom, not at the other parks like Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom. Is it not working for you at the Magic Kingdom?

      My son had an issue getting his Darth Vader Star Wars one working at some (but not all) FP+ touch points in Hollywood Studios a few weeks back as well.

      • after receiving about ten different responses from cast members, I was able to get it to light up at the MK entrance, but no sound. I think the entrance kiosk might not have been working for sound. But I tried to use a fastpass on space mountain and nothing happened besides the usual blue light. can you give me any more details on what exactly worked for you? When and where? They are saying it will only light up from 4-7pm on halloween party nights. I told them that makes absolutely no sense. So any information that you have would be useful!

        • I used it on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at about 5pm before the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party about a month back. That’s the only time I’ve ever used it, and that’s when I took that video. Sorry it’s not working for you!

        • The band only works at the actual attraction kiosks for valid fast passes, if you are early or late or do not have one for that attraction it will go the usual blue. It works any time regardless of if there is a party or not. If you continue to have issues it may be a problem with the actual band and you may have to see the MyMagic+ service center or Guest Relations at City Hall to fix it.

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