Up close pictures of the Disney Dreamers Academy MagicBands

The Disney Dreamers Academy has kicked off their 2015 event, and again this year the 100 selected Dreamers have been given special MagicBands. They are separated into teams and groups, and each team is assigned a different color MagicBand. There is “Team Silver”, “Team Blue”, “Team Yellow”, and so on and they have bands to match. The MagicBands for this year are the same ones from 2014.

Thankfully , a Dreamer on Twitter, has been able to provide me with the first up close high quality picture of one of the Disney Dreamers Academy MagicBands for the first time. So here it is, the blue one. Additional colors are below as well. There was pink bands this year, and I think red was only given to select people, such as presenters.






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