Contest: Win an upcoming Star Wars Weekends MagicBand of your choice!

Update: The contest is now over.

Congrats Jonathan Atwater! You won the Star Wars Jedi MagicBand giveaway!!! Check your messages on Facebook so I can get your choice of MagicBand and your address (look in your Other Messages section).


Original Article:

In an effort to draw more attention to the idea that MagicBands are collectable, and to increase awareness of this website, I’d like to do our first ever contest! The winner will get their choice of either a ┬áJedi Mickey or a Jedi Donald MagicBand from the upcoming 2015 Star Wars Weekend. Each band is LE 2500 and will most likely come in a special box and make special sounds at FP+ touchpoints. They will also come “link it later” so you can add it to your Disney account.


So how do you win? Take these simple steps:

1. Like our Facebook page and then Like the┬ápost about this contest specifically. (If you don’t have a Facebook account, create one.)

2. Leave a comment on the Facebook post.

3. Share the Facebook post using the Share button with your Disney loving friends. Tag friends and sites who you might think is interested in winning using the @ symbol.

That’s it! On May 13th I’ll announce the randomly selected winner right here on the website and get in touch with you so you can make your selection. The MagicBand will ship on May 15th. This contest is worldwide.

Good luck!

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  1. Awesome! Will do it as soon as I am at home on my computer! I agree with you completely: MagicBands ARE items to collect. I cannot tell you how awesome I think your collection is. Given that I collect only the Limited Edition ones, that alone, for me, is exciting when a new one is announced, and I get it in my hands. Heck, as you know, even though I am a massive Star Wars fan (saw the original at a drive-in in 1977!), it was the MagicBands that ensured my final commitment to the Galactic Gathering.

    Prior to this past year, having gone to Disney constantly since I moved to Florida around 1994, I had never been to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary or the Very Merry Christmas. What made me go last year? The MagicBands! Of course, I quickly learned how much I had missed over the years, and MagicBands or not, I’ll be going from now on.

    Great contest! Will be liking, sharing, and tagging as soon as I’m home in the morning!

  2. Hopefully you can help me out with a question that nobody has answered yet. How long do the special effects last for the limited edition magic bands? Do the special effects work in all of the parks or just Hollywood studios? Disney is not really making this knowledge public. Maybe if we start talking about it Disney will keep the effects in the system forever. Thanks for the help

    • For the Star Wars 2014 bands lights/sounds, they will only work in Hollywood Studios. Usually LE bands will only makes lights/sounds in the park they were released in. I am not sure about the Star Wars 2015 bands yet, but I’m guessing it follows the same rules.

      As for how long they will last, no one has any idea. My Darth Vader one that I bought at Star Wars Weekends 2014 (last year) still works and makes the red ring and Vader sound, so I think once it’s in the system then it will be there for the foreseeable future as far as I can tell.

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