Two new MagicBands coming to 2015 Star Wars Weekends special event

Two new MagicBands were just announced for a special 2015 Star Wars Weekends paid event called Galactic Gathering on the Disney Parks Blog. The bands are in the style of ‘Empire’ (red) and ‘Rebel’ (green). You’ll be able to “pick a side” and get your MagicBand when registering for the Galactic Gathering event, which opens up for registration on March 4th at 1pm EST and costs $250 per person. The blog states that these two specific bands will be available only to event guests. I am unsure if these will be marked as Limited Edition or Limited Release, if they will make lights/sounds at FP+ touchpoints, and if they will come in a special box or not. I will post details as I hear them.

Here’s a sneak peek:



Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.28.06 PM

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    • Not difficult if you live near Walt Disney World. 🙂 But seriously… the chase is what makes collecting fun. If they were all easy to get I don’t think it would be as exciting to obtain.

    • Yes, you have to register to get them. They are for the event only. Read the Disney Parks Blog post for more details on how to register. You get one free by registering, and you can purchase the other one at the event.

  1. The merchandise catalog says that attendees can only buy 1 additional magicband of the chosen side and two additional magicbands of the unchosen side. There is no onsite sales; magicbands must be pre-ordered by April 5.

  2. Well, darn. They ARE going to be Limited Edition, then. Sigh. I so want to go, yet last year’s event was destroyed by the reviews, and nearly all the items at it were available for weeks and months after (and some still today!), but I am confused, and maybe I am over thinking this. It says you get one band just be going, and then you can buy one more of that color and up to two of the other. However, the photo itself says, “…only available to Galactic Gathering attendees through our pre-order process and will not be sold at the Galactic Gathering Event.”

    Given that I have not signed up yet, does that mean to imply they will NOT be there, but I will have t order the second one while actually signing up?

    Also, any word on if, during this event, the two OTHER Limited Edition bands will be available in advance?

    Thanks for any info! It’s truly appreciated!

    • Yes you are correct in your thoughts:

      1. To get the lightsaber bands you have to be registered for the event. No matter what.

      2. You get one for “free” with the purchase of your event ticket.

      3. You then have the option to buy two of the opposite color and one more of the same color (2 green and 2 red total).

      4. These must be ordered BEFORE the event starts. The order must be put in on the event website (you get the link after you pay for your event ticket). Because of this, you will not be able to purchase more AT the event. The only way to get these is to order before the event. They won’t be on shelves. You will pick them up with your lanyard and other “free”
      event items.

      5. Yes, the Mickey and Donald bands will be on the shelf AT the event for purchase. Limited to 1 per person each band.

      • Well, you, this page, and my excitement talked me in to it, and I am going! Purchased and done! Just now on the link as I type this to tell them what items I want. I do NOT, though, see the other Galactic Gathering MagicBand, just the other two (Donald and Mickey). All the other items are listed.

        Is there going to be an additional e-mail or link provided to order the other band?

  3. If anyone is registering for this event and isn’t going to get their full allotment of 2 of each color of the lightsaber bands, I’d be happy to buy your 2nd set plus shipping to Louisiana!

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