2015 Flower & Garden Frozen Fever Limited Edition MagicBand revealed

The 2015 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival MagicBand has finally been revealed by Disney Parks Blog! The MagicBand will be a Limited Edition 5000 and will most likely make special lights/sounds at FP+ touchpoints within Epcot. As previously predicted, it also comes in a special box and features Anna and Elsa from the new Frozen Fever short in from of the new live-action Cinderella movie. True to spring colors, the MagicBand is based on the solid green band.

The MagicBand will most likely cost $29.95 and be sold in select locations throughout Epcot, starting tomorrow March 4th.


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  1. Surprising and awesome news! Looks like my day tomorrow has changed. I know that in the past the Limited Edition bands do not always ‘fly off the shelves,’ but given that the LEs are what I collect (all six and counting!), then this is a must have even if I admit to not being the largest fan of Frozen. And every bit of me knows 5,000 will not vanish in the first few hours, but now that you can buy them without linking them, there goes any sleep for me as I’m off at 6:00am, car appointment at 9:00am, and then instead of getting some sleep and heading to Epcot at 3:00pm like I planned, it’s gonna have to be straight there.

    I know I rambled on, but it’s exciting to finally see a new Limited Edition band! I’ve been waiting for one. If those lightsaber ones also end up LE, then I’m truly worried for my checking account.

  2. I had a feeling that the F&G band this year would be too adorable to pass up… What are the odds that there are any left on the 8th when I get there?

    That being said, I wish that that super limited bands (like both of these) required being linked at purchase, just to eliminate the reseller effect.

    • They will have a ton left, I promise. 5000 is an awful lot and many of the previous LE 5000 bands have taken months to sell out. My prediction is that they will be readily available for at least a few weeks.

      • You’re completely right, yet, somehow, for some unknown ‘itch’ of mine, I’ll have to be there ASAP in the morninig to get mine. Sigh…. the first world problems of MagicBand collectors.

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