Two additional Star Wars MagicBands revealed bringing total to six for the year!

Two new addition Star Wars MagicBands have been revealed, bringing the total for the year to six new Star Wars bands! Thanks again to Orlando Attractions Magazine for the scoop.

They depict a Stormtropper from the Empire side and what looks to be Luke (or some other fighter) for the Red Squadron from the Rebel Alliance. When these come out I will definitely have more details for you.

Edit: These are are out on May 4th in Hollywood Studios only and are Open Edition. They cost $19.95 each.




The Red Squadron from the Rebel Alliance (Luke) band is blue and the Stormtroppers is red. Here’s a closer picture:


Also, if you haven’t noticed, these MagicBands come in new Star Wars specific packaging that match the new packing for the Star Wars MagicBandits I wrote about in April.

And just to recap, the other four being released this year include two Galactic Gathering event exclusives, which are lightsabers, and two specifically for Star Wars Weekends, which are Mickey and Donald Jedi.

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  1. Since they are open edition then I’m guessing they probably won’t have special sound and/or lights with them, right?

  2. Regarding to the two lightsaber MagicBands, have you heard if these will be activated at the Galactic Gathering event in Darth’s Mall?

    • I am unsure about this. I don’t know if they have to be activated to you at the event, or if you get to take them home as Link-It Later. At D23 Destination D when we got our free MagicBands, they were just handed to us as Link-It Later to make things simple and quick, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what the do here as well. We’ll know in two weeks. 🙂

      • Seeing as they are allowing you to buy an additional set of the light saber magic bands I don’t see them making you link at time of purchase.

      • My sons will love these!! Do you know if these will be available anywhere is Disney (all parks & DTD) or will it be limited to HS because they’re “special”?


    • Sorry to ask a basic question, but NooB w/ the collecting Disney items…If the bands are only at Hollywood Studios and we not planning to go into that park, is there a gift shop “on the border” sort of speak that we can still access at the gate to that park but not have to pay entry? (Sort of like Rain Forest Cafe at Animal Kingdom I suppose.)

  3. Can these be ordered over the phone and shipped to your house? I have done this through Disney before but not on something like this. We arrive in 19 days and I don’t see them making it though the 1st Star Wars weekend.

    • Pretty much every shop in Hollywood Studios that sells the normal MagicBands. The Dark Room, Villians, Mickey’s of Hollywood, etc. They were very easy to find.

  4. Do you think the new Donald and Mickey Star Wars bands will be sold park wide or just in the Darth Mall to start with?

    • Just Darth’s Mall. My guess is that they will sell out before the Star Wars Weekends is over with, so they will probably never be park-wide.

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