The new Zootopia band will be released in early March

Steven Miller at the Disney Parks Blog announced today that the new Zooptopia MagicBand I posted a preview about last week will be releasing in early March. This means that we could see this new band on the shelves as early as tomorrow, March 1st! If anyone finds it in the parks or for sale on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app this coming week, please let me know.

As a reminder, this band will be Limited Release and retail for $27.99.


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    • If it’s Limited Release (not Limited Edition), I’m pretty sure you will only get the green light. You need LE to get the different colors and sounds.

    • I’ve done some research the bands that work at fast pass+ points are limited edition, but also specifically sold at the park it works at like the party bands, the flower and garden band, the bands like santa, easter, and valentines from my understanding were sold everywhere meaning they weren’t tied to specific park therfore resulting in working at all of them they cut out fast pass+ and gave each park entrance access to the effect. i could be way off base but that is my reasoning on whats happening lisa if you want one that works on fast pass find ones that are park specific.
      AND disney really should put a description about each limited edition band and what it effect actually is and where it gets activated.
      and also there is a difference between limited release and limited edition. LR are ones with designs that won’t be around long and are specific like the zootopia, run disney stuff like that and will only be sold for a set amount of time. LE are the ones that have capability to add sounds and lights at the touchpoints and also have a design and a special box, also only a set number will be sold.

  1. I would expect to see it March 4. Maybe March 11. Most bands seem to carry a Friday release date unless they are tied to a specific dated event like the start of flower and garden.

      • I noticed after the last few I got. Like the Easter one was feb 26 officially. The app pre released it but in parks was Friday. And a couple others.

        • i like that the app is pre releasing them i check the app almost daily haha gives people who can’t get to the park that time of year or right away, a chance to score these gems

  2. The bands can be used anywhere as long as you have ticket media to link it to, I am a Disney concierge and we link purchased bands to My Disney Experience accounts all the time. If you purchase in the parks they will ask you for your ticket and link it right there and then, Resort concierge can link bands and guest relations can as well as long as you create a My Disney Experience account. It is very easy to do….just like creating a Face Book account. Again, Guest Relations or Concierge can assist you with this and with linking your tickets. Hope this helps.

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