Here are the lights and sounds for the Limited Edition Easter 2016 MagicBand

Special thanks to reader Bruce for the video! He was able to take this video at Animal Kingdom at the entry touch point and it shows Easter colors and makes a “chirp chirp” sound. As far as I understand, this band does not have any special effects at FastPass+ points.

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  1. Ah, the suspense is over! Mostly. Thanks for posting. I love that someone in the background is yelling, “Hey, is that the Easter one?”

    It looks pretty darned cute. The voice ones are my favorites, but the chirp sound isn’t bad, and the colors look fun.

    I’ll be curious to hear more about the FP touchpoints. Do they have volume control speakers like in admission? If so, that could make it harder to know if they work, couldn’t it? I actually used FP twice before I knew my Halloween band had sounds. I heard it loud and clear at Buzz Lightyear, though.

    Here’s to hoping for FP sounds!

  2. ill feel kinda cheated if it doesn’t go off on fast pass for the price 🙁 but i like the bird it does sound like snow whites bluebird

  3. Ethan, can you explain the technology behind that? I’m just not getting why it would work at some readers (entry) and not others (FP), even though I know some bands are like that. If you’re programming the band with a readable mechanism anyway, why/how is it only readable in some locations? (Likewise with bands that work in some parks but not others). Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • It actually doesn’t have anything to do with the band itself. Here’s how it works:

      When a band is touched to a reader, both the band ID and the reader ID are sent up to a Disney computer (database server). The server then looks at the ID to see what style of band it is (Easter, Valentine’s, etc). The server also looks at the type of touch point (entry, FP+, and which park it’s in).

      In Disney’s database there are matches for which touch points and which bands match to create the lights/sounds, and that’s how the touch point knows what to display.

      Sometimes they may not work properly if the system is down or slow for some reason, and the normal lights/sounds are a fallback in case of those failures.

      The Easter band ID’s has been specifically programmed in the database to only work at entry points. Why it’s not at FP+ I have no idea. But it’s definitely a decision by Disney. There is no technical reason why it can’t work like the others.

  4. Well I sent Disney an email about how hurt I was with this product and valentines
    The fact they raised the price 12% but took away part of what it does :/
    And I know no one on this site is at fault for how this band was programmed but I would like your opinion on the newer bands costing more but not working at fast pass points only entrance

    • In my opinion they should work at FP+. There is no excuses for that. As for the price increase, it’s simply supply and demand… MagicBands have become very popular, especially the Limited Edition ones. I do not equate the price increase with the lack of FP+ in any way.

      Hopefully Disney will change it so FP+ touch points work with all future bands. We’ll see what happens with the Flower & Garden 2016 and DVC 25th Anniversary bands.

  5. I posted this yesterday but for some reason it did not show up. The Easter band also makes the special lights and sounds at the MK entry points.

  6. thank you for updating and sorry i get confused by all the terms for the points i wasn’t sure if it meant an entry point to a ride as its been said before the front gate , just all confusing while upsetting its still cute just wish could show it off more haha,

  7. Are we certain it makes no lights and sounds at FastPass points? I only ask because I am reminded of last year’s Flower and Garden band that only made them randomly when used. You could go multiple times and get nothing but then randomly it would make the lights and sounds at FP locations. A ‘magical moment’ is what a few CMs called it when I asked why it didn’t always work. It’s the only reason I even ask now concerning this one.

    • Unless someone comes forward and says “I saw it at a FP+ touch point” then for now I’ll have to say it doesn’t. So far I haven’t heard any evidence of them working at FP+. But I hope I’m wrong!

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