2016 Flower & Garden MagicBand pictures and info

Here are pictures of the new 2016 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Limited Edition MagicBand. It features Figment and is limited to 2500.

As of today, no special lights and/or sounds are working at any FastPass+ or entry touch points. My guess is that these effects simply haven’t been turned on yet, and may be on tomorrow or possibly on Friday. I highly doubt this band doesn’t make special effects, as I think many people would be upset with that. I’ll keep you all posted when we finally see the effects at Epcot.

Also, this band is available for purchase and shipping via the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. This is the first ever Limited Edition MagicBand for a special event that can be ordered, even if you aren’t attending in person (the other LE bands sold weren’t for any specific event). Because these are limited to 2500 total, you might want to buy yours now and get it shipped to you before they sell out!

image image








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    • You may want to wait and see what the light/sounds are. But I bet they will sell fast! Just take sure you don’t regret missing out on it while you can.

  1. Wow! That’s great news.

    Never would have thought it would be available on the app. Maybe this will be a trend with some of the LE bands outside of the Star Wars, Halloween and Christmas party bands to sell a limited amount on the app first.

    I’m going to order it right away. Hope I get it in time for my trip next weekend.

  2. I love that they are starting to release things through the app! Hopefully this will help compete with eBay and the people who buy up all the merch to sell. I encountered it last year at Star Wars Weekend. I stood in the merch line the first day listening to guys talking about their eBay listings and how they ‘were making bank’. It made me so angry.
    But yay Figment! Ordering now!

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