Star Wars Weekends 2015 Limited Edition MagicBands are SOLD OUT!

In what I think can only be considered good news for both Disney and MagicBand enthusiasts, the Jedi Mickey and Jedi Donald Limited Edition MagicBands at Star Wars Weekends 2015 are now sold out. I can confirm this personally as I checked and spoke with several Cast Members in Watto’s Grotto, X-Wing Collectables, The Dark Room, and Mickey’s of Hollywood the morning of Friday, Weekend #3.

The bands officially sold out sometime within Weekend #2 (out of five weekends), which is very impressive. Each band was limited to 2500, so Disney sold an average of 714 MagicBands per day, and that is including the Galactic Gathering event as a day. So within seven days Disney sold all of them… Impressive! What’s equally impressive is that there are a number of limited edition pin sets that have yet to sell out in Darth’s Mall at much lower counts. For example, there is a fantastic Helmets pin set that is LE 1000 and there are still plenty left.

Unfortunately it also means that people who are attending Weekends #3, #4, and #5 are out of luck obtaining these at Darth’s Mall in Hollywood Studios. You will need to look for them elsewhere, and make sure you get ones that are still Link-It Later and are unused. In hindsight, Disney could have upped the Limited Edition number on the bands this year to 5000 each and still sold them all, or better yet they could come out with two additional designs for Weekends #4 and #5 (I’m doubtful that this will actually happen though). Maybe lessons learned for next year.

Special thanks to a number of my readers for the tips about these selling out.


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  1. So these are sold out at every vendor location in disney? Was going to Hollywood Studios to get them both tomorrow!

  2. Do you know of any hidden places you can touch your magicband to and get a surprise effect. I know the skull in front of pirates is one but I can’t find anymore. I’ve heard rumors about hidden mickeys having magicband “powers”.

    • I have actually never heard that before! If you find more details, please let me know. What does the skull do? Can you give me more details on where it’s located exactly.

      • I know my Donald band turns the touch points in DHS blue and gold, and Donald’s voice comes over the speaker saying “May the Force be with You.” It only works at FP+ TPs in DHS, no other parks.

  3. We when the weekend after the gathering that Saturday March 16 I think and they were sold out already
    We ask a ton of cast members
    And walked the park countless times
    There where gone by that Friday

    • Are you talking about the starwars weekends magic bands? No, they were not gone by that Friday. I was just there last Saturday (weekend #2) and I picked up the Jedi Mickey band. They were only available at the “Darth Mall”

    • Julian, they were not sold out by the 16th. I have gone every day of SWW and can confirm this. I bought some for my kids after that date. Unfortunately you must have been misinformed by a Cast Member.

  4. go to YouTube and search “Disney magicband in use” it should be the first video. The video will be a picture of a blue magicband in front of a skull. I think this is the treasure hunt game.

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