All graphic MagicBands are now in the new packaging style

The transition to the new slimmer hanger packaging has finally been completed for graphic MagicBands. The original open edition Frozen MagicBands have been spotted in new packaging being sold on Castle Keepsake eBay store (I have no relationship with this seller by the way), meaning they’ve made their way to the theme parks. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf were the three remaining graphic MagicBand holdouts from the old box style packaging.

$_57-1 $_57 $_57-2

The only MagicBands still sold in the box packaging are the solid color bands. It’s not yet known when these will move to the new packaging style. I imagine we’ll see the change by the end of the year though. This leaves the Limited Release Big Hero 6 MagicBand as the only graphic band that has never been sold in anything but the box package. Since that band is now sold out, it will probably remain that way forever.

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    • Thanks Jonathan. I didn’t mean to imply that all had been switched out, sorry for the confusion. I meant that they are all in new packaging now in some places, and will eventually filter out to the entire resort.

  1. Are certain graphic MagicBands available at only certain locations? We’re heading down in Aug. and will be going to Downtown Disney the night before we go to any parks. I know there are a few in my group that are wanting a couple of the graphic MagicBands (Tinkerbell and Stitch, for sure – possibly Belle and Cinderella Castle, and maybe others).

    We’re hoping to be able to get all the MagicBands that we want at Downtown Disney so we don’t have to spend any time in the parks tracking down MagicBands.

    I’m all set – I still have my Olaf MagicBand from last year 🙂

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