Special MagicBands appear for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings brides and grooms

Almost a year ago today I posted a rumor about Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons possibly creating special MagicBands for weddings, and it looks like that day has finally arrived. Earlier today I got notice from one of my readers (thanks Marci) that someone they knew had received special bands for their wedding. They sent a picture of the MagicBands indicating Bride and Groom in special boxes.  The box says “Something Blue” as it’s a wedding tradition to get something blue before getting married.



Later on I got some more pictures from Kelli on Instagram who sent me these fantastic pictures with additional details. First, the band does not say Limited Edition or Limited Release on the back, and second, it is inscribed with Kelli’s name. There was no extra charge to obtain these (they were a free gift) and they always come in blue with these designs, which are great for decoration purposes, for your wedding, and linen and tablecloths are also great for decoration weddings.

image5 image4 image6 image1 image2 image3

Here are some unanswered questions about these MagicBands:

  • Being in a box makes me think that this band could possibility make special lights/sounds at entry points. Of course I need confirmation on that.
  • Can you get two grooms or two brides for same sex weddings?

Hopefully we’ll have some answers soon…

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  1. Band Box question.. for large parties, do you know if they still come in one box, or if they break it up into more than one? we have four kids, so we have a family of six and was wondering about this, as I have not seen a box with 6 bands in it.

  2. Did we hear back on the two groom thing? I can’t imagine why not, but it’s nice to know for sure when you are pre-planning a Disney wedding! XD

  3. What about for the people that have a Disney honeymoon? Do you think they will put them up for purchase? I would love to have these when we come and celebrate just being married!

  4. Me and my partner are getting married 24/8/16 in florida and would love a bride and groom magic band! How can we order them please? Thank you, kira.

  5. Does anyone have more specifics on the wedding details for the people receiving these MagicBands? The specific questions I’d have are as follows:

    What type of wedding were the recipients having? (Memories, Escape, Wishes)

    How far in advance of their wedding date did the couples receive their Bride/Groom MagicBands?

    Did anyone that received these already get the Annual Passes as part of their wedding package?

    Thanks in advance for any additional information. My fiancee and I have an upcoming Disney Fairytale Wedding in June 2016 so if these are being provided as part of that it will be excellent.

    • I don’t have the answers for most of these questions, but I have heard (and I’m not sure if it’s 100% true) that Annual Passes are no longer gifts for the wedding packages.

      • I didn’t expect you would have the answers but posted here on the off chance that any of the people that provided you the initial information might be watching the post and could provide additional clarification.

        You are correct that Disney Fairytale Weddings stopped giving the Annual Passes as gifts earlier this year but I was curious because my fiancee and I did receive them (we reserved our date early last October when they still provided the passes) and I was wondering if we might get the MagicBands as well. I’m thinking that the couples that received the MagicBands would have most likely reserved their date even earlier than us and would also have received the Annual Passes.

        Thanks though for the quick response!

      • We are having a Disney wedding in October and we (the bride and groom) each received an annual pass. They’ve also been sending us a few fun gifts as the big day draws near. We’ve also been told that we will receive special magic bands. 😀

      • Hey! My wedding is in Disney 2/19/17. We received the magic bands as well. You get them from your consultant manager (the person who starts the process for your wedding) then you will receive a gift from your planner right before your wedding, which is. A teal shoe bag with cinderellas shoe on it, saying it’s proof that new shoes can change your life, a coin and I forgot the other thing lol.

        They don’t give out the annual pass anymore with the bands. They stopped in Jan 2016.

        To get those bands you have to be a Wishes bride if I’m not mistaken.

    • I received mine a few weeks ago. I am having a wishes wedding and we aren’t getting married until April 2017. But I’m guessing it’s for any of the Disney weddings!

  6. Hi!

    I just spoke with my DFTW (Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding) planner about these…since we were lucky enough to be gifted the annual passes (we booked our Wishes wedding on 9/22/2015), we unfortunately will not get the MagicBands as well…I will copy in her reply! Congratulations on booking your Disney Wedding!

    From my DFTW wedding planner on 4/4/2016:
    “From time to time we reevaluate the gifts that we give our couples and in place of annual passes we are now giving exclusive Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings magic bands in place of the annual passes. Since you received the annual passes, we unfortunately wouldn’t be able to get you the magic bands as well. However there are a few different outlets available for customization if you are interested in doing something similar. For example, at the Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs there’s a location for customizing magic bands or you can look online for customized decals on a website such as Etsy.”

    Hope this helps!

    • Definitely thank you for the additional information Hilary!

      This mirrors the response we received from our wedding planner almost verbatim. I love the Bride/Groom MagicBands but not more than the annual passes we received. Congratulations to you as well. Hope you have a wonderful wedding day!

  7. We are also having an Escape wedding in June. We just missed getting the annual passes so would be great if we got these.
    Has anyone else having an Escape wedding received these? When did they get them during the process? On their wedding day etc?
    I want to ask our planner but might be cheeky if they are meant to be a ‘surprise gift’

    • I’m wondering the same thing! If they were in place of the passes that were part of the Wishes package I hope they doesn’t mean they only come as a gift for that level! They aren’t expensive so surely they will be gifted at all fairy tale wedding levels! (Fingers crossed!)

    • Yes, you can only get these if you get married through Disney’s Fairytale Weddings department at Walt Disney World. There is no other way to get these bands.

  8. We just don’t know which packages you actually receive them with. Also as they don’t send MagicBands abroad, whether international guests receive them on arrival or wedding day.

  9. These are only for couples doing a Wishes wedding. Couples doing Escape or Memories weddings do not receive these MagicBands.

    I just checked with my Disney wedding planner, and that’s what she said. I’m really disappointed about it. They should still give Escape and Memories couples the option of at least purchasing them.

  10. We will be getting married on January 8th 2018 at sea breeze point in Disney boardwalk. How do we get the fairytale wedding magic bands ?? Thank you

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