Special MagicBand will be for sale at the 2015 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

I’ve just gotten word from a reliable source that there will be a special MagicBand for sale at this year’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Walt Disney World. My source says that the band will be orange, and my guess is that it somewhat matches the design for this year’s event shown here:


At this point I have no details on if it’s Limited Edition (LE) and how many are being made. Last year they made 5000 of them, which seemed like too many to me because Disney were still selling them in the Disney Outlet stores months later, so if I had to guess I’d say there will be LE 4000 or less this year. This will be the first publicly available graphic MagicBand in the color orange (Disney Dreamer’s Academy had one, but that was not for the public).

There should be a blog post from the Disney Parks Blog in the coming days revealing some of the merchandise for the event, so I’m hopeful that we’ll have more details on this MagicBand fairly soon.

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  1. so they won’t have any effects like last years band? but still the same price?
    what a let down i was planning on the party to finally get a effect magic band
    kinda bummed now

    • Sorry, I was mistaken. I thought this was about the Star Wars band. YES, it will have lights/sounds if the band is a Limited Edition one in a box like last year. Sorry for the confusion!

      • omg thats awesome thank you!! ~sorry for double post! didnt load right away so i submitted another then both showed up
        but omg thats awesome i really hope the 27th party will have some left!!

        • Yes, and thank you for bringing that up, I was going to update the post about that… this will be the first graphic MagicBand released to the public that is orange. The only other one that I know of is the Disney Dreamer’s Academy orange band (but that wasn’t available for purchase).

  2. Hey Ethan, not sure if you’d know this or if I just totally missed it. Will these bands be on sale starting at the very first Not So Scary Halloween event and onward? Thanks for the help love the website.

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