MagicBand box sent to Disney resort guests has been slightly updated

Although this definitely doesn’t fall into the “major news” category, it is a bit interesting. Disney recently updated the look of the MagicBand box sent to Disney resort guests after they book their stay to an on-property Disney resort. The update includes a bolder green for the MyMagic+ logo on the front of the box, and blue (changing from black) used on the word mark for Walt Disney World on the sides of the box. Here’s some pictures of the new box:



Old box:



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  1. My family and I just stayed at the Yacht Club Resort from the very end of July until early August and our magicbands only came on a ‘gray crushed oval Paper towel tube’ looking thing. What gives?

  2. We recently got ours in the new box and the lid was EXTREMELY loose. It will absolutely not stay on snugly. Probably 1/4″ space extra on top and one side. Any reports of others having that issue?

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