Poll: What new color MagicBand would you like to see in the future?

I thought I’d put up a poll for my readers to see what is the most requested missing color of MagicBands. What would you like to see in the future? Vote here!

Here’s some examples of what new colored MagicBands could look like:

purple-magicbandcyan-magicband  brown-magicbandblack-magicband  white-magicband

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  1. Definitely purple!! Also, are those new colored images from disney themselves or just originals recolored? I got really excited, hope for my favorite color!!

      • Oh okay. You picked out some nice shades. I’ve been stalking the disney forums for months leading up to my WDW trip in 2 weeks hoping for new colors. Thanks for posting such great pics of the new designed MBs. I’ll definitely be snagging a few of those when I go!

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