Peter Pan debuts on a new dark navy blue color for 65th Anniversary

Today a reader spotted and purchased a brand new Peter Pan MagicBand, out just in time for the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the movie. After his purchase it appears the bands were then quickly pulled from shelves, as they may have accidentally been released early. My guess is that the sale date was supposed to be February 5th, the date of the anniversary. What’s very interesting about this band, at least from what I can tell about the pictures, is that it’s on an all-new base color of dark navy blue. The reverse side of the band shows London at night. This band will be an Open Edition for $22.99 and the SKU for this Peter Pan band is 400020594860.


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  1. I am a big Peter Pan fan. I really like the design/overall color scheme along with the skyline of London. HOWEVER. This rendering of Peter Pan looks a little (well, a lot) CREEPY.

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